Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something is Rotten in the State of St Cuthbert

After the torture of the St Cuthbert navy training, Mendez heads back with Eolar to the dormitories.
“We may be at sea for several weeks or more. Enjoy your meditating, I’m hitting the town.”
Whether it’s the claustrophobic feeling of the well ordered but stifling, city within a city or just the fear of the up coming adventure, Mendez feels unsure about his grim faced patrons. Something feels wrong.
The unfortunate Thesis has asked Mendez to help negotiate for certain items. Febril is a cosmopolitan city but a large, green skinned Lizard-man would still be an unusual sight. Mendez himself is still having trouble adjusting to his friend’s transformation.
Storing his armour, sword and bow and taking only a dagger for protection, he leaves all his possessions behind with Eolar in the church buildings.
He collects Thesis and Chen before leaving the compound. Durin and Wer are welcome to come along but seem to have disappeared.
The three friends travel from market to market looking for their own specific desires. Mendez is looking for a bow.
A composite longbow.
A composite longbow for a man as strong as the athletic Mendez.
A magical composite longbow for a man as strong as the athletic Mendez.
Although he’s prepared to pay well over the odds for it, he doesn’t feel optimistic. Still he searches on. Magical arrows would also be useful… And a magical buckler?
(Magical (+1) composite longbow for strength 18 = 2,800gp)
After everyone’s either found what they were looking for or given up, they head back to the compound to drop off their supplies.
Then whispering his suspicions to the other two, they head back out to spend their last night in a ‘Lap dancing’ bar.
They are all still unarmed, though Mendez is confident that his friends can take care of themselves (and him) even without weapons.
Mendez takes only 300gp out with him though. (Just in case).
He spends the money freely, buying drinks for anyone who catches his eye or shares a joke with him.
Pretending to be far drunker than he really is, he asks the reluctant Chen to stay until any sign of danger has passed.
After that, Mendez endeavours to go home with one or more of the exotic ‘dancing’ girls.
He will also try to wake up in time for the morning tide?

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