Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Banner - Pirates!

More than a year has passed and many adventures had since the intrepid group last encountered pirates. They were running a racket down on the peninsula accross from Seawell, but out of their ship and down on their luck but they still were a respectable challenge.

Now the tables are turned. Ship to ship combat is where these rogues excel. Fast and furious on deck fighting, skilled manouvering and quick swordwork - all of these the pirates excel at.

But our adventurers are not the same green-backed troup as before. Thesis and Durin are intimidating fighters, Mendez has the awesome archery abilities of a god, Chen moves and like a super-charged Ninja on speed, Wer is a master of the elements and animals and Eolar leads with the conviction of one who knows he is right.

No indeed, the pirates had better watch out!


Hedzor said...

Are the pirates afraid?
Yes they arrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Charlie Stilton said...

Nice headshot!
Nice pegleg!