Friday, June 5, 2009

We are sailing, we are sailing, across the water, across the sea

Chen looked out from his station on the crows nest. He felt like he'd found his sea legs, but he still didn't feel especially competent with his role in charge of the rigging. He hoped that they would be able to settle any encounter peacefully. At that moment, Wer returned with news of a fire on the horizon. In closing, they realised a notorious priate ship - so much for a peaceful solution.


After the battle, Chen is relieved at the outcome. It could have gone horrible wrong if not for the accuracy of Mendez' bow. Chen felt that he had not acquitted himself well in charge of the rigging - though also noticed his friends in similar difficulties. He acknowledged the importance of keeping manoeveurs simple, and the impact that having the captain's support can have. They must keep this in mind in future encounters.

He was pleased, however, with how he had acted in the boarding action. His ability to deliver a flurry of blows had been particularly effective against the pirate crew, though this was mostly due to his friends' combatative abilities having been limited in this environment as opposed to him excelling.

The encounter with the Kobolds had shown him how useful his unarmed and unarmoured combat style can be. His friends' accounts had highlighted their dependence on weaponry and suits of armour, while he had been able to kill the first Kobold before it even attacked. He had also noticed the impact of his new magic items - the belt and the periapt - on his martial prowess. He can't wait to try Thesis' bracers to discover if they help further as he suspects they might.

Keeping the freshly liberated pirate ship seems to be a good idea, but it will need to be cleaned. It might also provide him with a way, albeit temporarily, to distance himself somewhat from the church of St Cuthbert. He will have to ask Mendez and Wer if they will have him aboard...

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Hedzor said...

Mendez will happily have Chen on his team.
I think that's enough though.

Eolar, Elogyn, Thesis and Durin on the main ship.

Wer, Mendez and Chen on the smaller (but faster) ship.