Friday, June 5, 2009

Rolling up the sleeves

Eolar stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the vast ocean in front of him. They had left Febril behind them the day before and he finally had some time to think again. He was exhausted. The work in the valley had taken its toll. But it was worth every drop of sweat. While the wind blowed gently into his face, memories came to his mind.....

After they had defeated Catidsis things had happened fast. The arrival of the high priest Togal-Ra, the resurrection of his friends, the regeneration of Lady Lesyeux face. Togal-Ra agreed to hallow the place and attach a detect evil spell to the spell. Eolar wanted the monastery to be a place where evil should not get a foothold ever again. It was the day after the emissary of the church had left when Lady Lesyeux came to see him in his quarters in the top floor. She had cried when she saw her face again the day before and came to thank Eolar for what he had done for her. They looked out over the valley. "Have you decided what your plans are now that the source of evil is gone?" She looked at him and Eolar thought for a while. "The offer to share the mountain fort and now the monastery still stands. But since you are rightful owner of the fort, the decision is yours. As I understand you would prefer to stay up on the hill?"
"I am truly thankful for what you did for me but although I'm again who I was before, others of our group were not that lucky."
"I'm sorry that I couldn't do more for the orcs and others that weren't raised into their old bodies"
"They are all grateful to be alive again and can live now in peace. What I want to say is that they would prefer not to be subjected to the stares of some of the villagers."
"I can understand that. Nonetheless, I hope we can work hand in hand to rebuild this village. We both know how important law and order are for a society. Your strategy to bring villagers together by forcing them to wear grey proved to be successful and I will adopt it for the monastery. I already sent messengers to the leaders of the black and white part to discuss terms for a ceasefire. And although I think I have the trust and support of Oolf it might turn out to be difficult to get the black leader to the table. The rift goes deep and it will take time to unite the valley once again. If you agree I would like to propose a monthly council consisting of representatives of both villages and both churches."
"I admire your optimism. The only reason I can see for the black general to attend would be to kill Oolf. But you are right, we have to try. The killing has to end. You have my consent."
"Thank you. I already set things in motion in case the black leader turns out to be unwilling to attend. Elogyn and some followers are on their way to open alternative paths."
The priest of Pelor raised an eyebrow.
"Well, I'm returning to the mountain. Let me know if you manage to get them together."
"You and your followers are always welcome here. Before you leave, I have one request: Please grant me access to the library I found in your basement. Learning the secrets in these books might be very useful."
"I agree. Feel free to explore the wisdom and secrets the chambers in the mountain hold. May our cooperation be fruitful. Good day, Eolar"

A seagull brought Eolar back from his memories. For a few seconds it floated next to the ship and then turned away and disappeared behind the flying jib next to Eolar. A small white dot on the horizon straight ahead caught his attention. "Ship ahoy!"


Hedzor said...

The seagull, sensing danger, veers away from the ship.
It’s a mistake as far above Razor spots his chance.
Folding his wings in tight, the beautiful falcon cuts through the air like his namesake.
Diving at well over one hundred and twenty miles an hour, Razor smashes into his prey.
The impact is sudden and deadly.
The seagull, though larger, manages only the briefest of squawks before Razor's powerful talons silence it forever.

Joebroesel said...

The sudden squawk near him makes Eolar turn his head. He can only see peaceful feathers floating towards the sea. Still wondering what happened to the seagull, he turns his head back towards the direction where he spotted the sails in the distance.

Only endless ocean.

The ship is gone....