Monday, June 15, 2009

Q & A not T & A

After his frustrating conversation with Eolar, Mendez starts to think about their current predicament.
Who were those scary ninja Kobolds?
Why did they so specifically attack the party?
How did they know who we were, what we were planning and where we were?
Also, how did they get into the St Cuthbertian inner sanctum?
Are they somehow connected to the traitorous Lejon and his Sorceress wife?
If so, they knew what we were doing and if that’s true, they can easily avoid us while at sea and prepare for us at their base?
Mendez is no good at long-term strategy but he feels his friends must prepare themselves for a cunning and powerful enemy.
From what he learned of his friends last adventure, charging in will probably prove to be just as disastrous.


RoboGeek said...

Oh, I am sure this is going to be MUCH more complex than we realise!
Unfortunately, I only have one strategy ....

Hedzor said...

As do I.