Friday, February 29, 2008

More independent decisions

After the last evenings, I just have to write this post :)
I think we should play a bit more realistic in some situations (with the DM punishing us if we don't!). An example from yesterday:
A group of people move up to a corner and and can hear a noise from around the corner which could be a foe. What do you normally do? You react dependent on your character! What we do is: We come together, debate for 10mins which would be the best tactic to go round this corner while the creature on the other side is waiting patiently for us to decide! :) Thanks to Wer who just stepped round the corner, it only took us 5mins this time!

I think we should play a bit more realistic! In a battle or a situation where it would be strange for the characters to come together and debate (or talk at all), we shouldn't! The characters decide what to do and do it! If somebody does something stupid, we have to live with it and beat him up at the campfire in the evening! :) The DMs can force us to do that by not stopping the game flow, e.g. owlbears appear 500ft away, we debate whether to run or fight, a few seconds later the owlbears are 100ft away! (This of course doesn't include meta game questions like "What can I see, how do the walls look like, etc"), people just leaving/attacking if we don't react fast or opponents listening to what we shout to each other and react accordingly (like "Attack the other one as I can shoot this one next round").

Right now we mostly react as a group (as if we have telepathic abilities) not like individuals who try to overcome differences and follow their own agenda and situational constraints. It would also increase our game speed a lot!


The Experience calculator has spoken and the results are as follows:

Mendez 19,269 (Still at 6th)

Thesis 18,606 (Ditto)

Eolar 16,965 (No movement here either)

Durin 12,918 (stays at 5th)

Wer 15,520 (6th Level!)

Telfis 16,275 (6th Level!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mendez Strains Brains for Understanding

Mendez had, up until now, always relied on being really, really good looking to get through life’s problems.
But now he tries to assess the current situation...

We are standing near the top of frozen, Mount Snaefang.
Kobolds have taken over the above portion of the mountain and a few of the external Gnomish buildings but they 'seem' to want peace.

We are searching for: ‘The Gondian Primer of The Most Protective and Secure Devices Encompassing Most Mundane and Commonly Available as well as Arcane Dependent Building Materials for The Purpose of Creating a Secure Gnomish Homeland’.
This seems to be a ‘How-to-protect-your-home’ manual.

What was the ‘horrible cataclysm’that drove the people out? Why couldn’t the Gnomes rebuild?
Why is everything ‘vandalised’?
It doesn’t seem like something the ‘cool headed’ Kobolds would do.

MUNCAGON. (Mobile Ursine Nocturnal Carnivorous Avian Guard Station.)
Owlbears. (Maybe more active during nighttime?)

Looking over Telfis’ shoulder at the map it suddenly occurs to Mendez that the map is a ‘Side elevation’. That means if they got through the ‘Access hatch’ by the statue of ‘GOND’? They could probably avoid the Owlbears and traps (that could kill dozens at once).

They could possibly get to the Library and Treasure room. (My Precious) with a minimum of fuss.

The Map was made by the Gnomes but fell into non-Gnomish hands at some point. ALL Gnomes would know who ‘Garl Glittergold’ was.
But who?
Not Kobolds, Orcs or Goblins, as they are too stupid.
Not Elves or Dwarves as they aren’t that ignorant.
How did the Gnomes get it back?

Why were the Gnomes ‘Exiled from their home land’ in the first place?

Why are the words on the sealed door written in 'Common' rather than 'Gnomish'?

What does: E-U-F-I-M-I-S-M (not euphemism) mean?

Exile G M-C-o-o-D I Research Group? What does this acronym stand for?
Why write Dilettantes? (Amateurs/artists/dabblers.)
Gnomish Military Command of our Deities Intelligence?

Also the door had three circles on it, which has spheres that can be moved around them, perhaps some sort of Gnomish lock?
Did ‘Petra’s’ Anvil and Dias have the same markings on it as the door supposedly has?
Why didn’t Chico or one of the other Gnomes come with us?
She said that the ancient DoGS map SHOWS the secret route into Snaefang Mountain.

The ‘Snowcatcher’ is probably just a roof of sorts under which we’ll find the ‘Main Gate’.

‘Big Monsters’ are probably Owlbears. (Funny that the Kobolds had no fear of them and actually hunted them to protect the sheep farmers.)

‘DoGS’ were the Gnomish leaders but possibly not Gnomes themselves? Celestials perhaps? (Deities of Gnome Society?)

What does ‘Spare Boats’ mean?

Could ‘Secret’ mean another entrance?

Will The Kobold leader ‘Patriarch Thelgez’ keep the truce? Will he help us in exchange for non-violence towards his people?

Why haven’t they tried to go deeper inside and gain access to the Gnomish city?

Also, Some angry Goblins are still probably inside.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In which Zibzugs realises the futility of it all-+

The sorcerer looks Telfis, the hatred in his eyes giving way to something resembling...amusement?

"Theology? You came to slaughter us for the sake of a theological disagreement?"

Zibzug, chuckles, looking down to the ground, before looking back at you, his face rearranged into a suitable, inscrutable expression.

"We know that the gnomes once had a city in here. While burrowing through the side of the mountain we have come across what looks like the outskirts of gnomish structures. However, the gnomes have outdone themselves in their treachery and sealed their city from us by means we don't understand. We found a door, made by gnomery, but it was sealed, the surface blank except for words in common, one was euphemism, the other was a series of letters, was G N-M-C-o-o-D I, I think. Also the door had three circles on it, which has spheres that can be moved around them, perhaps some sort of Gnomish lock?"

Zibzug, looks up towards the top of the mountain, scratching his chin.

"Since you don't look like you are privy to secret gnomish codes, you could go up the mountain. I am pretty sure there must be a way through the crater down to the gnomish city. That's where we sent the goblin army. Not very many came back. There are bears with birdheads up there, we hunt them when they get close to the humans so they don't eat their sheep,. The goblins said something about traps that killed dozens of them at once. Typically gnomish handywork, completely lacking in subtlety, it seems."

Zibzug, smiles broadly at Telfis before looking towards Eolar and Thesis, lifting his arms, shrugging. "So there you have it, eager theologians. Unfortunately our god only protects his chosen people, so he has little to offer you, otherwise I am sure our patriarch would be happy to convince you of the glory of Kurtulmak, ancestor of all kobolds."

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The party somehow manages to dig each other out of the masses of snow and stand looking up at the mountain. More likely than not, curses are heard from the group as they consider what they think of the kobolds and what they will do to them when they get their hands on them.

As they tentatively make their way to the crest of the slope, they finally reach a small plateau. In the light of the afternoon sun, they can make out what appears to be a statue of something resembling a headless gnome, less than an hour's march from them. They can also spot something dark beneath the statue, perhaps a cave entrance of some kind? It seems that the map was correct about there being a way into the mountain close to the statue.

As the party stare at this sight, they notice three small specks moving down the slope towards them, quite quickly, one could almost say kobold-on-ski quickly. As the specks get closer, it seems that this is indeed the case. As the kobolds come into view, our heroes can see that one of the kobolds is waving a white flag (which against the snowy backdrop was quite difficult to make out at first) .

The kobolds slow down as they get closer, breaking with their skis, until they get to about 50 ft away from the party. You recognise the leader as the spellcaster who webbed Telfis and Eolar.

He looks at you, his reptilian features inscrutable, before he begins to speak, his common heavily accented.

I am Zibzug, grand sorcerer of Snaefang. I have come to... discuss terms. Maybe we can reach an agreement? No more deaths, yes?

The kobold looks at you expectantly...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to Survive an Avalanche

Mendez hears a loud crack above him. The Kobolds have somehow managed to trigger an avalanche.
Every instinct within him begs him to flee, but Telfis and Eolar are snared and in harms way. It takes Mendez a second before he makes the wrong decision.
Using his superior speed, he sprints towards his friends and from the corner of his eye he sees the mighty Thesis also rushing to their aid.
Drawing his sword, Mendez is about to cut through the strange web like bindings when he’s hit by the snow. He feels the white carpet suddenly ripped out from under him. Hundreds of tons of snow rushing at a tremendous speed smash him forward and down.
Too late to avoid it, all Mendez can do is try to stay on his feet. He manages it for about a second. Then it’s just a matter of trying to stay on the surface.
Mendez swims ludicrously in an attempt to stay near the surface and air. This he manages for another couple of seconds.
Counting on luck to save him from the rocks and trees he’s hurtling past, he holds his buckler out in front. Not to protect him from impact, but to create a pocket of air.
Feeling the avalanche slow down, Mendez again strives for the surface before the snow settles.
As quickly as it started, Mendez finds himself at a halt. He can’t tell how far down he’s buried or even, in the darkness, which way is up.
With a small air pocket to breathe from and some slight room to move, Mendez figures that if he conserves his energy he should be able to survive for at least 30 minutes .
Tentatively Mendez begins to dig himself out.


Eolar tries to open his eyes. Just a second ago he was caught in a cobweb and couldn't move. Then he heard a rumbling noise and just seconds after was bowled down like a tenpin. He is not dead, is he? He can still feel his body, but can't move at all. Everything's dark.
He concentrates and tries to remember.....the rumbling noise coming down the must have been an avalanche! That means he is buried under snow! Judging by the darkness, it must be a lot of it. He again tries to move his hand an feet. Nothing!
He starts to panic as breathing gets harder. He can remember Thesis running towards him! He also must have been caught by the masses of snow! Eolar can only hope that some of the party members survived and can find him. IF they survived.
His body is aching, but it doesn't feel like he's badly injured. Muffled noise percolates through the snow. It sounds like battle cries! So the fighting is still going on? That means that there ARE survivors! Hopefully they can find and get him out soon. Shouting is no option as this would only use up more of the suddenly very precious air!
He tries to calm down and concentrate on the noise. Perhaps he can hear footsteps when they are closer and give them a sign! He tries to focus and starts praying. So far St.Cuthbert was leading his steps and won't abandon him now.

It's lonely at the top...

The Kobolds look down upon the party, smiling with glee upon seeing that they have indeed succeeded at burying half the party under the avalanche. Their smiles fade, however, as they see the two dwarves standing upright, their axes gleaming in the afternoon sun, looking like monsters of ancient legend. The Kobolds hesitate for a moment, then an order is shouted down the line, and they withdraw, hurriedly.


Meanwhile further up the mountain...

High Patriarch Thelgez is sitting on the headless shoulders of what looks like the rather vandalised remains of an ornate marble statue that must once have towered 50 ft into the air, holding a spyglass. "By the thrice-spoilt eggs of Tiamat!" He is shouting to none in particular. Two lackeys dressed in a simple robe, glance up at him nervously.

"ZibZug failed! I knew the sorcerer was a fool! Let us venture outside, he said! Let us use the goggles, he said! Let us use the might of the mountain to create the mightiest of traps, he said! The idiot! Now our bravest and our best are all dead, and the humans and dwarves are still alive! It will take generations before we recover from this!"

Thelgez picks up a stone from his pouch and chucks it at the head of one of the lackeys. "You two, what are you doing! Get back into the warren, warn everybody! Get the eggs into safety! Build barricades, arm the people!

Watching his underlings scurry into the, Thelgez sits back, a thoughtful expression on his face. His ancestors had warned him about this. Young, homicidal travellers, travelling in packs, bringing nothing but death and suffering. He had always hoped it wouldn't happened in his life-time, somehow assuming that the remoteness of the mountain would protect his people from harm. He had even made sure to have a semblance of an agreement with the sheepfarmers in the hills, so they wouldn't complain to much. Ah yes, the sheepfarmers, the goblins had taken care of them.

Thelgez swears as he climbs down the statue, thinking about the goblins and their absolute stupidity. He had hoped that they would be his greatest worry this winter. He had tried to reason with them but, Horakus' lieutenant had only known the language of violence. Still, he had managed to deal with them.

Thelgez hurries into the small cave entrance beneath the statue, casting one last look at the beauty of Snaefang, wondering if he ever will gaze upon it again....


Hmmm...twenty Kobold Rangers, complete with sorcerous support and half the mountain falling on top of you adds up to quite the combined challenge rating....

Experience is as follows:

Thesis 16,656 6th Level!
Eolar 15,015(close call) 6th Level!
Telfis 14,025 Stays at 5th
Wer 13,270 Stays at 5th
Kruddo 11,973 5th Level!
Durin 10,668 5th Level!
Mendez 17,319 6th Level!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Magnificent Eight?

The Wanderer Returns

Mendez waves goodbyes to the burly Barbarians and runs back towards the Dark wood. He’s seen enough of the Clerics of St Cuthbert to know its safe.
He paces himself and travels on until he’s close to the Gnome Hamlet where they stayed a while ago.
Mendez is surprised when he finds his friends still there.
Looking around at the recently constructed walls and battlements, Mendez smiles and says; ‘Expecting trouble?’

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Day, Another Hangover

Bodush woke up, stretching as the familiar feel of last night's escapades started to make itself known. Slight headache, dry mouth, and an ever so tiny hint of nausea. Smiling to himself, he sat up, casting a quick glance over at Gajarpan, who had coiled itself in front of the fireplace, as if to get the final bits of warmth from the dying embers. Stumbling across the room to the window, Bodush couldn't help to notice the rather conspicious bump of the winecellar rat the snake was busy digesting. Slowly opening the curtains, squinting against the sunlight, Bodush tracked the position of the sun making its way over the Elven Outpost.

Breakfast would still be on for another couple of hours. Just enough time to creep back into bed and catch some sleep before going down for some boar sausage, a couple of eggs and some of that elven wine to push that hangover back another day. Looking down at the frost covered ground, Bodush couldn't help but smile at being tucked safely in an inn for a few days.

Going back to the Outpost for a bit of 'Meditation and Magical Reseach' had obviously been the right choice. Climbing mountains was bad enough, kobolds even worse, Bodush remembered the time he had been helping his 'mentor' with a triage after an assault on a kobold tribe. Some of those wounds were beyond what even an orc should endure...

Life was good, and the smell of breakfast was wafting its way from downstairs. Bodush closed his eyes and took a second to just enjoy being alive.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yet Another Letter Home

Dear Father,
I think I may have made a mistake coming to the Barbarian camp.
The sprint and endurance training was good, but since then they’ve become very antagonistic. It’s almost as if they’re trying to provoke me into losing my temper!
It finally came to a head last night when they caught me cleaning my teeth. Apparently, Barbarians should smell as nature intended.
I’ll head off in a few hours to seek my friends. I hope they didn’t get into too much trouble while I was away.
Love to Mother and kisses for everyone else.
Your son,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Heroes for a Day

A few days after the battle at the gnome hamlet, the group sits around the fire at dinner. The dwarves are still quite excited and try to outdo each other with stories of their exploits.
Telfis joins the group, grinning broadly.
"Listen to me for a second, you are going to like this. I have just met with a gnome bard and he presented his newest song to me."
The group reluctantly turns around. Telfis' attempts at music have not all been well received. He clears his throat dramatically. And then he starts his tale. Immediately the group is drawn into his story. The melody of the song and the way Telfis uses his voice seem to cast a spell on all listeners.

The Long Dark Night to Freedom

Defenders waiting, arms at ready
their number counts just seven whole
relentless, unbowed, sturdy, steady
as wave and wave of orcses roll

As darkness falls the struggle nears
its sure to take its bloody toll
they set their chins and quell their fears
as wave and wave of orcses roll

Children wailing, women huddling
down the hamlet's deepest hole
debates at end, no time for muddling
as wave and wave of orcses roll

Dust cloud heralds, here they come
fear and death their only goal
we need to vanquish orcish scum
as wave and wave of orcses roll

They reach the vanguard, arrows fly
Wer storms back from her patrol
booming rings their battle cry
as wave and wave of orcses roll

It has begun, the sides engage
dwarf Durin enters in the brawl
bloodshot eyes, uncontained rage
as waves and waves of ocses fall

Lashing, scorching, singing blade
brave Thesis towers above all
in blood their debt now will be paid
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Cutting foes as others butter
the utmost fearsome I recall
Kraddo will not stop nor stutter
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Unseen, unheard, all shifting shadow
young Telfis keeps an eye on all
raining death across the meadow
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Silent, calm his green hood flapping
Eolar answers the wounded's call
while dealing death by arrows snapping
and wave and wave of orcses fall

A mask of anger, Bodush stands
like death incarnate on the wall
fiery death sparks from his hands
and wave and wave of orcses fall

The battle rages without pause
then numbers dwindle, attacks stall
they start to falter, doubt their cause
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Then silence, panic starts to spread
the struggle finds a sudden end
the enemy leader falling, dead
triumph is near, rejoice my friend!

The tyrants run, like rats they flee
tails 'tween legs, the die is cast
all dance and shout and sing with glee
Oh Brethren, freedom, free at last

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Calvera’s Last Stand

Calvera looks across the two hundred feet of open land between him and the Gnomish Hamlet.
They’ve built defensive walls, but not strong enough to keep his warriors out.
He calls to the Gnomes inside, “Give me back my sons and I promise you a quick death!”
That’s when he sees them. Humans, Dwarves and that annoying Halfling.
“I should have guessed. When my men didn't come back, I should have guessed. How many of you did they hire?”
Although keeping out of easy crossbow shots, Calvera counts seven.
Seven against sixty? Calvera allows himself a tight smile.
Even he is surprised when his youngest son Rojo is brought out.
Despite having his hands tied behind his back, Rojo runs forward to join his father, only to be shot in the back by one of their archers.
Calvera roars as Rojo collapses and orders his men to attack.
The battle is furious. But as fast as his Orcs advance, they are picked off by crossbow bolts and arrows. Scores die before they even reach the first wall. The Worgs fall to swords and axes and his Giant and Ogres are held fast by snide sorcery.
His remaining sons, Gillom and Pulford face their enemies honourably but also fall to cowardly attacks.
Calvera screams as he himself lashes out at the Dwarves.
Dwarven war axes finally silence the Orc who in his prime had lead hundreds.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hard won experience

This was a bastard.
CR's depend on lots of things.
I've probably been a bit mean, but no complaining.

Thesis: 13,327 xp (Stays at 5th level)

Eolar: 11,786 xp (At last goes up to 5th level!)

Telfis: 10,796 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Bodush: 10,091 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Wer: 10,041 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Kruddo: 8,396 xp (Goes up to 4th level!)

Durin: 7,111 xp (Goes up to 4th level!)

Mendez: 13,742 xp (Is sitting happily at 5th level)

Everyone except Thesis went up a level!
Sorry Thesis.

Please roll all HP increases in front of Assif and email him the revised character sheets.

Post-Celebratory Plot Movement

Later that night, Petra and the other Gnome Elders ask you to come with them. You walk with them down small, cramped, yet surprisingly cozy passages, until you come to a central chamber far below the main burrow. The room is empty apart from a an anvil on a small raised stone dais. The base of the dais is covered with an intricate pattern of interlocking metal wheels. Petra leads you to the Anvil and lifts a small scroll case from its top. Turning to you, she begins to speak:

My dear friends, although you have bested Calvera and his tribe of raiders, dark times are upon us all. The Goblins and Elves are at war, and no matter who wins, we know one thing is certain: The little people caught in between will suffer. While our village is safe, the other farming communities in these lands may not be so lucky. One group of adventurers cannot protect everybody from the depredations of war. We know that we have asked much of you, but we beg you to listen to our proposal.

While you look at us now and see simple farmers, thousands of years ago our ancestors travelled across a vast sea and delved into Snaefang Mountain and created a wondrous city, even more wonderful than those of the Dwarven Kingdoms. This city was ruled by a Council known as the DoGS. Under their rule, we gnomes lived and built for centuries.

But a horrible cataclysm befell the city and our ancestors had to flee down to the plains. Many things were over the centuries, but a tale has been passed down from Elder to Elder over generations. That tale concerns a book, known only as the Gondian Primer of The Most Protective and Secure Devices Encompassing Most Mundane and Commonly Available as well as Arcane Dependent Building Materials for The Purpose of Creating a Secure Gnomish Homeland. The knowledge found in this tome may be enough to teach us gnomes how to defend ourselves against the goblins and even the orcs.

We sent our youngest and bravest, Chico Orc-slayer, to Mount Snaefang, but he found to his horror that our ancestral enemies, kobolds, were dwelling on the snowy slopes, and had to turn back.

But we can see that you are great heroes, and not afraid of a few kobolds. We beg you to go to our ancient home in Snaefang Mountain and find the Primer. The Primer is in the great DoGS library, above the fabled treasure trove of the gnomes. We cannot pay you much, but we will relinquish our claim on any gnomish treasure you find. If the stories are anything to go by, Snaefang was fabled for its wealth.

Petra opens the scroll case. “You are the first outside our race to ever see this, our most prized possession, the ancient DoGS map that will show you the secret route into Snaefang mountain. Behold, the map of the Ancients! ” She takes an old tattered piece of parchment and opens it up, holding it towards you, her face beaming with pride.

Having listened to her proposal, you start discussing amongst yourself. While you are starting to feel a tad tired of helping out the hapless gnomes, and braving Mount Snaefang in winter is not the most pleasant of undertakings, the fabled riches do sound good....

Thesis Dreams

As he lay in bed with the dimunitive but extremely hot Charlotte, Thesis' mind came alive.
He pictured himself striding out in front of a massed hoard of orc warriors, calling out profanities at their chosen champion.
With strength and dexterity he sliced again and again crunching metal, grinding leather, stretching sinew. His viscous sword - a gift from Kord - gleaming and resplendant with the orc champion's blood. Then it was a picture of an angry Calvera and the charge of the army. Thesis turned and fled towards the awaiting trap, the stupid orcs drawn in. Death and destruction reigned.

Then he awoke. And remembered the reality. No heroic exploits for him. Not a single leader killed. Just a handful of smelly orcs cut in half like they were made from foam.
Durin, that upstart of a dawrf dunk his blade into the leader, Kraddo killed the one with mighty flail - hell even the halfling had stories of heroicism he could tell his squirrells.

Thesis would do as he normally did when he next spoke to his father and brothers .... slightly, ever so slightly, stretch the truth.

The Spoils of War

Magic Half Plate Armour
MWK Heavy Crossbow
Magic Great Axe
Bolts x10
EverBurning Torch
Hour Glass
Spy Glass
2x Potions

Magic Wand

Magic Great Sword+2 (Vicious:+2d6damage:1d6to User) (Thesis)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds. (Durin)

Magic BreastPlate
MWKsSpiked Chain/
MWKsHeavy CrossBow

MWKs Battle Axe
MWKs Heavy CrossBow
Magic Crossbow Bolts x7

Quint the Ogre:
Hide Armour
Great club
Javalins x3

60xOrc Warriors:
60x Chain shirt armour
54x Falchions
150x Javalins
6x Tower shields
4x Heavy Crossbows
34x Heavy Crossbow bolts
6x Long swords

6x Heavy carts
6x Heavy cart horses.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Elf Presevation

On the morning of the fourth day since the battle, the recovered Elves LaHood and Blankenship seek Eolar out.
“Half Brother, may we speak to you?”
Both the Elves are very concerned. “We’ve heard that the seven of you are planning to directly attack the Orc War caravan!”
When Eolar confirms that this is indeed a possibility, the Elves look mortified.
“Calvera is a vicious brute, but he’s no fool. Even if his clan is depleted, he'll still have scores of warriors. At his peak he commanded well over a hundred. He’ll still have at least half that."
Eolar nods and Lahood continues, "Seven against fifty? Although I admire your notion of fair odds, I feel it's suicidal."
Blankenship leans forward, "If you insist on going, the least we can do is to stay here and help defend our Gnomish benefactors."
Both Elves embrace Eolar.
“May Corellon Larethian protect us all.”

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Half-Breed

The Orc War Chief; Calvera calls a meeting with his sergeants.
Pulford, Gillom and Tuco as well as Indio the clan Priest, enter Calvera's tent while his whores scamper out of the way.
“Why has Rojo not returned with our food?”
His four most trusted Orcs, fearing more bad news will infuriate their leader, look at their dirty feet.
Eventually Tuco the Half-breed speaks up. “Perhaps Wolves?”
“WOLVES!” screams Calvera. “We are the Wolves. What has happened to my tribe? Where is the fire in your bellies?”
Calvera is huge by Orc standards. Even Ogres don’t outweigh him by much.
“Tuco, you go and see what’s happened. Be wise though. Gnomes may be sheep but even sheep will try to defend themselves sometimes. Take Quint the Ogre, a couple of the Worgs and a squad of Orc Warriors. Go as soon as you’re ready.”
Tuco rushes to obey Calvera's command.
The remaining Orcs look sour as they leave the hide tent.
“Why does our Father favour his half-breed son over us?
As Tuco hurries to get ready, he mumbles under his breath, “At last a chance to prove to my brothers, that I can be their equal despite my mongrel blood.”

Voices in the Night

Thesis wakes suddenly. It is still night but there is a booming voice calling him.
Strange, everyone else is asleep and they don't seem to be able to hear it.

It tells him that his fight has only just begun. He should rise and be a great warrior and dedicate himself to the cause of good and let nothing and no one stand in his way. Every man should live as he pleases and the rule of law is but a simulcrum of evil tying man down.

He gets up and leaves the camp and walks out into the wilderness. When he returns he finds a new divine purpose rising in him. His new found faith will inspire him in battle. With strength, luck and the favour of Kord, Thesis will be invincible!

Prisoner; Present and Choleric!

Rojo allowed Bodush to retie his hands before leaving with the Elf. The Orc justifies the situation in his mind; After all, it’s only a matter of time before his ‘friend’ Bodush organises his release.
Being a captive is humiliating though. Only women and slaves should be treated like this. The hour’s pass and Rojo waits as patiently as is orcishly possible. Daylight starts to fade when Rojo starts to feel more agitated. Why did his 'friend' ask him about Calvera’s specific position within the camp? Why was his ‘friend’ Bodush so comradely with the hated Elf?
Rojo struggles to his feet and howls; “Curse you trickster Men. Gruumsh will destroy you all!”
For the rest of the night Rojo can be heard cursing Bodush and struggling against his bonds.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Prisoners; Past and Present

The rescued Elves; LaHood and Blankenship have their wounds treated and the poison drawn from their system. With good food and a warm place to rest, they’ll soon both be fine.
The same can’t be said for the Orc; Rojo. When he recovered consciousness he found his weapons and armour removed and his hands tied behind his back.
There is something very sinister about this Orc. He’s smaller then the average but a mercurial intelligence lurks behind his bloodshot eyes. Despite his injuries a sense of malice emanates from him.
If he wasn't tethered to the wall, he'd seek to do you harm.