Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to Survive an Avalanche

Mendez hears a loud crack above him. The Kobolds have somehow managed to trigger an avalanche.
Every instinct within him begs him to flee, but Telfis and Eolar are snared and in harms way. It takes Mendez a second before he makes the wrong decision.
Using his superior speed, he sprints towards his friends and from the corner of his eye he sees the mighty Thesis also rushing to their aid.
Drawing his sword, Mendez is about to cut through the strange web like bindings when he’s hit by the snow. He feels the white carpet suddenly ripped out from under him. Hundreds of tons of snow rushing at a tremendous speed smash him forward and down.
Too late to avoid it, all Mendez can do is try to stay on his feet. He manages it for about a second. Then it’s just a matter of trying to stay on the surface.
Mendez swims ludicrously in an attempt to stay near the surface and air. This he manages for another couple of seconds.
Counting on luck to save him from the rocks and trees he’s hurtling past, he holds his buckler out in front. Not to protect him from impact, but to create a pocket of air.
Feeling the avalanche slow down, Mendez again strives for the surface before the snow settles.
As quickly as it started, Mendez finds himself at a halt. He can’t tell how far down he’s buried or even, in the darkness, which way is up.
With a small air pocket to breathe from and some slight room to move, Mendez figures that if he conserves his energy he should be able to survive for at least 30 minutes .
Tentatively Mendez begins to dig himself out.

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