Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In which Zibzugs realises the futility of it all-+

The sorcerer looks Telfis, the hatred in his eyes giving way to something resembling...amusement?

"Theology? You came to slaughter us for the sake of a theological disagreement?"

Zibzug, chuckles, looking down to the ground, before looking back at you, his face rearranged into a suitable, inscrutable expression.

"We know that the gnomes once had a city in here. While burrowing through the side of the mountain we have come across what looks like the outskirts of gnomish structures. However, the gnomes have outdone themselves in their treachery and sealed their city from us by means we don't understand. We found a door, made by gnomery, but it was sealed, the surface blank except for words in common, one was euphemism, the other was a series of letters,...hmm...it was G N-M-C-o-o-D I, I think. Also the door had three circles on it, which has spheres that can be moved around them, perhaps some sort of Gnomish lock?"

Zibzug, looks up towards the top of the mountain, scratching his chin.

"Since you don't look like you are privy to secret gnomish codes, you could go up the mountain. I am pretty sure there must be a way through the crater down to the gnomish city. That's where we sent the goblin army. Not very many came back. There are bears with birdheads up there, we hunt them when they get close to the humans so they don't eat their sheep,. The goblins said something about traps that killed dozens of them at once. Typically gnomish handywork, completely lacking in subtlety, it seems."

Zibzug, smiles broadly at Telfis before looking towards Eolar and Thesis, lifting his arms, shrugging. "So there you have it, eager theologians. Unfortunately our god only protects his chosen people, so he has little to offer you, otherwise I am sure our patriarch would be happy to convince you of the glory of Kurtulmak, ancestor of all kobolds."


Joebroesel said...

So let's face the traps and owlbears! And the rest of the goblin army.....

After 4 levels finally we meet my favoured enemy! :) At last!

Hedzor said...

Mendez, he feel dumb.
Me no likey Owlbears.

Insanodag said...

Your favored enemy is Owlbears?

RoboGeek said...

Don't like Owlbears?? All they want is a hug. :x

Favoured enemy: Magical creatures??

Hedzor said...

Thank goodness for that.
I feel much better.
I'm sure that '+2 damage' will save us all.

Joebroesel said...


RoboGeek said...

Yeah, I'm for the Big Adventure (approaching from the top of the map and working our way down). However, I am crazy ;-)

But there has been an equally valid option put to us - i.e. find out what G-N-M-C-o-o-D-I means and solve the puzzle to open the locked gnome door.

Whatever, we'd better properly heal-up before attempting either.
PS - don't like the idea of mass traps ... but we do have Telfis!

Hedzor said...

So just to understand this:
We have a possible way in but no clue how to decipher the 'instructions'.
Could Telfis possibly work it out?
The other way is trapped and filled with Owlbears and possibly Goblin survivors.
We're going to let the Kobold sorcerer live?

Joebroesel said...

Because they are protected by the white flag!!! Killing them would be a violation of the rules of war!

If we try to get through the locked door, the kobolds may decide to come with us!

RoboGeek said...

By the way - he may have given us a slightly garbled version of that code. The map says:
"Exile G M-C-o-o-D I Research Group" with an arrow pointing to it declaring them dilettantes (amateurs).
Note that there is no dash between G and M or between D and I. Also note that there is no "N".

The only obvious thing about the puzzle is that the "G" probably stands for "Gnome...". The small "o"s could be "of our", or, "on our", etc...

The other 2 comments on the map don't appear to help: "Who the f.. is this Glittergold person?" A reference to Garl Glittergold, the god of gnomes. And: "... local customs?"

Hedzor said...

Let's face it; without further clues we're stumped.
It could be an acronym for anything!

Gnome Military Capabilities of our Dragon Intelligence Reserch Group?

Moritz Buck said...

and what about the word "euphemism" shouldn't forget that clue... anyway apparently the kobold guy is sending us the other way so we don't really need to think about the looked door to much, if I got it right. But then it might be interesting to solve it even though... never know... might have to use that door as an escape route, or other doors around have the same lock...

Cynan said...

> PS - don't like the idea of mass traps ... but we do have Telfis!

yea. I was made for this. I get +1 on reflex roles from trap damage...

RoboGeek said...

Another thing I just realised is that the scribblings on the map were not done by the Gnomes. They would KNOW who Garl Glittergold was.

Were they done by the Kobolds? - I don't think so - they would also know Glittergold (sworn enemy of Kurtamak).

Another mystery.

And, yes - we need to ask him what the other words in common on the door are (the ones he said were a euphemism)

Hedzor said...

Zibzug said the the word WAS 'euphemism'.
I'm thinking there must be clues we've missed or have yet to find.
If we declare peace with the Kobolds, will they allow us freedom to roam unmolested?

RoboGeek said...

Right Kirk, good point.
Thesis asks Zibzug directly "What were the word(s) in common next to the letters??"

Also - if we want to know more, we might need a knowledgeable Goblin - it is likely that they drew the map.

Insanodag said...
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Insanodag said...

Zibzug shrugs and answers: "The word was 'euphemism. E-U-F-I-M-I-S-M, spells euphemism, right?"

Hedzor said...

More riddles!