Monday, February 4, 2008

The Half-Breed

The Orc War Chief; Calvera calls a meeting with his sergeants.
Pulford, Gillom and Tuco as well as Indio the clan Priest, enter Calvera's tent while his whores scamper out of the way.
“Why has Rojo not returned with our food?”
His four most trusted Orcs, fearing more bad news will infuriate their leader, look at their dirty feet.
Eventually Tuco the Half-breed speaks up. “Perhaps Wolves?”
“WOLVES!” screams Calvera. “We are the Wolves. What has happened to my tribe? Where is the fire in your bellies?”
Calvera is huge by Orc standards. Even Ogres don’t outweigh him by much.
“Tuco, you go and see what’s happened. Be wise though. Gnomes may be sheep but even sheep will try to defend themselves sometimes. Take Quint the Ogre, a couple of the Worgs and a squad of Orc Warriors. Go as soon as you’re ready.”
Tuco rushes to obey Calvera's command.
The remaining Orcs look sour as they leave the hide tent.
“Why does our Father favour his half-breed son over us?
As Tuco hurries to get ready, he mumbles under his breath, “At last a chance to prove to my brothers, that I can be their equal despite my mongrel blood.”


RoboGeek said...

Dear DM: We need a sense of time here ...
We clearly don't want to wait long before making our move, and speed of action will dictate whether these events will have already happened by the time we mobilise.

Events on our side will have been the interrogation of Rojo (1st day I assume) and a good nights rest to heal-up (and level-up).
Given that we should be able to put any plan we decide on tonight into action by the second day after the orc raiding party battle.

For my part (as I mentioned last week): I think our plan should be to work out the route of any "investigation force" sent out from the caravan, then find a suitable place to lie in wait and ambush them. We will need some highly mobile scouts to accomplish this of course.

That means the orc force is split in 2 - then we can go and attack the main caravan and finish the job off.

Insanodag said...

Hmmm...annoyingly, it seems that the most intelligent and organisation-prone member of the tribe is sent against us. Not good...

Hedzor said...

It's been four days from the initial skirmish.
Plenty of time to heal, interrogate, plan and be visited by deities.
Tuco, the most intelligent and organised member of the tribe?
No, but forewarned perhaps.

RoboGeek said...

Right, so there is enough time for us to have organised an ambush - however, is their any suitable terrain for us to do so?

I am thinking some kind of pass where we can rain destruction on them; or somewhere where part of the party can meet them from the front and others can attack form behind.

Also, we need to guarantee that they cannot pass us and get to the undefended gnome village.

PS - I hope I am not overplaying this - it may be just as well to meet them head on!

Hedzor said...

There's plenty of time to organise an ambush in the Hamlet.
Rojo has told Bodush that more Orcs will be on their way.
Suitable terrain?
If you're heading back towards the mountain pass of 'Albert' the Owlbear, pretty much all the land between the Gnome Hamlet and the Orc War Caravan is open planes.
Easy to see each other coming.
If you head out towards them you will probably meet them half way.
Splitting the party into two shouldn't be a problem for a classic pincer attack.
A guarantee that they cannot pass and get to the undefended gnome Hamlet?
If you leave the Gnomes undefended, I can offer no guarantees that you will definitely encounter them on route. Just probably.
Just as well to meet them head on?
If you leave before they arrive, that's what will probably happen.