Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Eolar tries to open his eyes. Just a second ago he was caught in a cobweb and couldn't move. Then he heard a rumbling noise and just seconds after was bowled down like a tenpin. He is not dead, is he? He can still feel his body, but can't move at all. Everything's dark.
He concentrates and tries to remember.....the rumbling noise coming down the must have been an avalanche! That means he is buried under snow! Judging by the darkness, it must be a lot of it. He again tries to move his hand an feet. Nothing!
He starts to panic as breathing gets harder. He can remember Thesis running towards him! He also must have been caught by the masses of snow! Eolar can only hope that some of the party members survived and can find him. IF they survived.
His body is aching, but it doesn't feel like he's badly injured. Muffled noise percolates through the snow. It sounds like battle cries! So the fighting is still going on? That means that there ARE survivors! Hopefully they can find and get him out soon. Shouting is no option as this would only use up more of the suddenly very precious air!
He tries to calm down and concentrate on the noise. Perhaps he can hear footsteps when they are closer and give them a sign! He tries to focus and starts praying. So far St.Cuthbert was leading his steps and won't abandon him now.


Insanodag said...

somehow, the life of an adventurer can sometimes give us a great insight into the human condition.

Hedzor said...

I was coming to save you as well.
Mendez never gets the recognition he deserves.

Hedzor said...

Must remember in the future that avalanches are faster than me.