Friday, February 29, 2008

More independent decisions

After the last evenings, I just have to write this post :)
I think we should play a bit more realistic in some situations (with the DM punishing us if we don't!). An example from yesterday:
A group of people move up to a corner and and can hear a noise from around the corner which could be a foe. What do you normally do? You react dependent on your character! What we do is: We come together, debate for 10mins which would be the best tactic to go round this corner while the creature on the other side is waiting patiently for us to decide! :) Thanks to Wer who just stepped round the corner, it only took us 5mins this time!

I think we should play a bit more realistic! In a battle or a situation where it would be strange for the characters to come together and debate (or talk at all), we shouldn't! The characters decide what to do and do it! If somebody does something stupid, we have to live with it and beat him up at the campfire in the evening! :) The DMs can force us to do that by not stopping the game flow, e.g. owlbears appear 500ft away, we debate whether to run or fight, a few seconds later the owlbears are 100ft away! (This of course doesn't include meta game questions like "What can I see, how do the walls look like, etc"), people just leaving/attacking if we don't react fast or opponents listening to what we shout to each other and react accordingly (like "Attack the other one as I can shoot this one next round").

Right now we mostly react as a group (as if we have telepathic abilities) not like individuals who try to overcome differences and follow their own agenda and situational constraints. It would also increase our game speed a lot!


Hedzor said...

I agree.
We're mostly a bunch of 'Chaotic'rable rousers.
Although it's odd that the only lawful member of our group should suggest it.
Not quite 'Real time', but something approaching it.
The thing that really slows us down though are puzzles, problems and rivers!

RoboGeek said...

First - I thought last night was enjoyable - I may not have shown it becuase I was still very tired from the night before.

It is funny with me, I wish people would make decisions quicker, but I always make decisions too quickly and then regret them!
So we need to find a compromise.

I think that the DMs can definitely force the game on, and should - we do only have 4 hours a fortnight so every minute counts, especially at higher levels. I remember playing 12 hours a weekend and barely having enough time.

We have to take decisions quickly - everyone gets a say, but no debating - if we are not sure, then we just go with instincts. Electing a leader can help.

But the DMs can make a difference: For instance, I was very pleased to hear the words "shall we fast-forward?" last night. DM's need to push things where they can and give us time to hang ourselves at other times. Owl bear cages - no point taking time over, but Big Sparky Trap, yes. Simple to say "You PASS some owlbear cages, some empty, some still full and reach a junction ..."

Hedzor said...

'Big sparky trap' scare Mendez.
Mendez run fast and smash it with sword.
Gordian knot solutions are always the best.

Joebroesel said...

I agree, fast forwarding is sometimes a good idea. But I disagree with everybody gets a say :) If the situation wouldn't normally allow talking, let the other ones make their decisions and see what they come up with. Even if we disagree, that's life and can lead to other and more interesting outcomes than we think!
If we want to influence somebody, let's try and do that in-game and take into account the enviromental constraints (eg if somebody is more then 100ft away on a windy mountain, let's do a listen check and see what the DM decides they understand :) )