Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Ever Happened to...

After talking with Zibzug; sorcerer of the Kobolds, the group decide to press on towards the mountaintop.
The conditions are harsh and the going slow. Soon the heavily armoured Kruddo starts to lag behind.
“Go on without me.” The Dwarf bravely states. “I’ll catch up to you at the top.”
The others push on until they reach the upper defences.
A battle ensues with half a dozen snowy white Owlbears.
The defences are breached by Telfis’ tenacity, Wer’s opportunism and Mendez’ blind luck.
They explore further down, encountering strange machines and rodent creatures.
As they stop to rest, the seriously wounded Durin wonders aloud, “Where’s Kruddo?”

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Hedzor said...

Kruddo finally gets to the mountain top, only to see two huge air-ships, floating away into the distance.
Straining his eyes, he sees the tiny dots of his team-mates clinging to the rigging.
With a scowl Kruddo starts the slow trudge back down the mountain.