Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Cohort for Eolar

Eolar goes to the temple in the Elven outpost and prays.
It’s not a church of St Cuthbert, but it will do.
Afterwards he approaches some of the more important Elves and makes some enquiries about hiring some adventurers.
After a few days, Eolar starts to feel downhearted. No-one has come forward.
He thinks bitterly to himself that it’s due to his mixed heritage. The Elves have always looked down on him with a mixture of distaste and pity.
He’s about to give up when a pale Elven women approaches him cautiously.
Eolar himself feels more than a little nervous when he spies the large grey wolf hugging close to her side.
“My name is Shen-shen. If you’re looking for a guide and someone to fight by your side; I’m your Elf.”
She’s wearing leather armour and has two short swords strapped over her slender shoulders.

(5th Level Elven Ranger)


RoboGeek said...

Later, the same day, a familiar voice calls Eolar's name. Eolar recognises and greets his old friend Elogyn, and she in turn is extremely happy to see him. They spend much of the rest of the afternoon discussing all things ecclesiastical and talk at length of the battle for the temple and of the just gone battle against the evil gnomes. It becomes clear that Elogyn is incredibly impressed with how Eolar has stood up for the cause of justice and for St. Cuthbert, and she offers him a proposal.

"Oh heroic Eolar, let me follow you and be guided by you. Show me the ways of a great cleric and warrior. Let me travel with you and fight the cause with you!"

Elogyn is a 5th level human cleric, who has made a few appearances before in this tale. She carries a crossbow and mace and has a rather nice shield, and a very special cloak given to her by the Elves.

Hedzor said...

Shen-shen's eyes turn to slits as she looks at the human interloper.

Joebroesel said...

Great! Girl Fight!!!! I'll get the holy oil :D The winner get's Eolar! lol

Ok, seriously: Interesting offers so far! I have to think a bit about that as all offer some interesting storylines :)

Hedzor said...

From what I can see; you've got a Ranger that's better than your Ranger levels, a Cleric whose superior to you in that regard and a 'hedge-row' spell caster.
Can't wait to read about Brother Fry and Dag's contender.
It's like a beauty contest!

Moritz Buck said...

Don't forget the fat overweight Brother Fry (lvl3 cleric, lvl2 wizard), sent to you by the church to knock some sense into that big ugly fighting thing (eolar) and teach it some manners.