Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Experience & Treasure

Experience is as follows:

Mendez 25219 7th Level
Thesis 24,556 7th Level
Eolar 22,915 7th Level
Durin 17,768 6th Level
Wer 21,470 7th Level
Telfis 22,225 7th Level

Magical Items:

You found:

A Crossbow+2 of Frost(Telfis has it)
A Longsword of +2 - Undead Bane
A Mace of Disruption +3

Horakus was carrying:
a scroll of magic missile
a potion of Blur
a potion of enlarge person
a potion of protection from good
a jewel encrusted dagger +1

Also, Horakush(being a tad dragonish) did have various gems and jewels on his body to the value of 2000 gp.

The Ironbreaker chieftain that Wer killed was carrying a pale blue, rhomboid Ioun Stone.


RoboGeek said...

If no-one else claims it, can I have the Ioun Stone? (+2 strength)

Hedzor said...

No-one else uses Longswords, so I claim that.
I fancy the dagger too, but only if no-one else is interested.

Joebroesel said...

I think I can have the mace as no-one else uses a mace? Perhaps Telfis is the one interested in the dagger. He uses them.

Hedzor said...

I didn't even know Telfis used a melee weapon.
As I said, if anyone wants the dagger, they can have it.
The Sword (Undead bane) however is mine.
Fancy going on a zombie hunt?

Hedzor said...

Wait; Telfis got the really cool magic crossbow.
Unless someone without magic wants the Dagger, I'd still like it.

Cynan said...

which dagger? there was no dagger =)

Hedzor said...

Fair play, fellow 'Sky-pirate'!
The 'no-dagger' is yours.

TieDye said...

We'd also like to harvest the black dragon's body for any and all useful things (scales, teeth, horns, hide, eyes, vital organs, etc). What's the functionality or monetary worth of each part of it?

Hedzor said...

Mendez appraises the gems.
It reminds him of his childhood, playing in his fathers accounting rooms.
it is fortunate that they are small and easily divisible.
Everyone gets 333gp worth.
The 3 Potions and Scroll are still to be taken.
They should all go to Wer and Durin.
Let them decide between themselves.

Joebroesel said...

Ok, does anybody understand the rules for creating dragonhide armour??? I just read through it and the only thing I understood was that there is enough hide for a masterwork hide armour and a shield (or a masterwork banded mail armour for Wer and a shield) assuming that the dragon was large. I think we can also say a hide armour for Wer and two shields.

What I don't get are the specials the hide adds: "10hp/inch and 10 hardness"? What does that mean? As it seems, the AC doesn't change?

The other question is: We have to go to the gnome camp with the ships. Do we ask the hamsters to fly our pile of armour back to the outpost for selling? Would give us quite a lot of money, and the church needs money :)

TieDye said...

What about scales, claws, or horns? Surely those can be used for amulets or fetishes (shamanistic, not sexual) or something?