Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Growing Business

Bailey looks across at his ‘Mushroom’ farm.
He was never a fool and realised the prospect for profit straight away.
With the surprising help of Grimes the Hill giant and his loan of a dozen Orc foot soldiers, the remaining Goblins were soon broken and enslaved.
In the last few months he’d been able to cordon off and reorganise the crude farming methods. He’d even been able to recover and raise his ‘trusted’ associate Chaplin to help oversee the operation.
The other members of his party, he left to rot. They were worthless to him in the end. He’d learnt his lesson; never trust Magicians, Thieves or the Non-Human races.
He had however, recruited two Human Fighters to help control the Goblin slaves and to oversee the Orcs. Barker; a huge if somewhat flabby man and his partner, the diminutive but quick witted Corbett.
He also hired a Human agricultural expert called Thrower to maximise the farms capacity.
Selling the product turned out to be child’s play. He was already getting a steady and increasing order from his contact Skinner the casino owner in Seawell. Grimes the Hill giant was also paying for the drug, although at a cheaper rate due to the supplying the guards.
Even at a selling price of ten gold pieces a dose, Bailey will be able to retire within a couple of years.

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