Thursday, April 3, 2008

Down in the Valley of the Surprisingly Jolly Green Giant

Grimes the Hill Giant, dressed in his new green armour, strides across the valley.
His fears that the psychotic Gnomes and their mercenaries would pursue them back to the Orc camp and kill-them-all-in-their-sleep, had been thankfully unfounded.
Ironically, it had been that near-death experience that had led to his increased mental aptitude and subsequent leadership of, what was left of Calvera’s War caravan.
Without the foul presence of the fierce Owl bear, normal bears had started to return to the valley. Perfect pets for the huge Grimes. His training methods were brutal but effective. Being repeatedly hit with a big stick tends to enforce co-operation.
The Ogres had stuck with him, a few Worgs and several dozen Orcs without leadership followed him too. Add to this the harem girls, the Orc children and treasure; he’d inherited quite a legacy.
His first decision was to reinforce his control of the Valley. He moved the wagons to the centre of the Valley and with felled trees and huge boulders; he'd created crude walls with study gates at either end.
As soon as they were in place, he declared himself ‘Lord of the Valley’ with all creatures who would declare their loyalty to him; welcome.
He had made allies too. The Human Bailey was supplying his men with drugs in exchange for the loan of a few of his Orc warriors AND he had made contact with some of the underground denizens of the mountain itself.
Creatures that could turn out to be very useful indeed.


Insanodag said...
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Insanodag said...

The lesson learned from this is that when slaughtering entire tribes of orcs, one should leave no orc or giant alive. Also, I wonder if Bailey remembers Bodush at all? I am sure their reunion would be very heartfelt.

Hedzor said...

Well I had some Orcs, Ogres and a Giant lying around.
I might as well do something with them!
You did kill the entire Calvera family line...
At least the adult males anyway.