Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Now, Black and White Cow?

While Bodush is shouting at the Orc guards atop the tall barricade, Kruddo looks up at the rest of his friends, high up the mountain path.
The Dwarven Barbarian; Durin, Thesis, the erratic Human Warrior, Telfis, the young, Human pick-pocket, Eolar the demi-Elf and… some Human female pulling Eolar’s ridiculous Mule. There also seems to be two Orcs with them as well pulling a… cow?
Tracing the path, Kruddo can see that they are heading for the cave mouth about two-thirds the way up.
It would be an easily trek from beyond the Orcan barrier, but they could make it up from here if they’re prepared for a bit of climbing.
Assuming the Orcs wouldn’t pursue them, they would only be about a day behind.
If Wer flew, she could catch them in just a few hours.


Insanodag said...

Bodush looks at the orcs, obviously the general intelligence of the species hasn't increased in a while. Neither has that of his friends, it seems. Suppressing his urge to engulf them in an inferno until he figures out why his friends are fraternising with the species he shouts back, in orcish:

'Right! We are friends, of course, we need to catch up with our friends. Let us past!'

He sighs at the

Hedzor said...

Two of the Orcs scuttle down the other side of the barrier, lift the heavy latches and pull open the huge gates.
Despite his demands, Bodush is surprised by their compliance.
Wer and Kruddo trail behind casting dubious glances around them. Even Masienta seems nonplussed.
Several Orcs crowd around as the adventures move through the valley. Bodush recognises most of them to be standard Orc Warriors, but he also sees some veterans among them as well as a few Ogres and Worgs.
The adventurers are escorted to the central area of the hodgepodge valley camp.
Most of the dwellings are just hide tents, but some of the buildings are more permanent.
There are four ‘tower’ structures around this central area manned by Orc crossbow men.
The central building is much larger than the others and is made of wood and stone.
Bodush is outraged when he sees their ‘loot’ wagons half unloaded.
He has no time to express his ‘concern’ when a huge figure steps out of the main building.
‘Good afternoon gentlemen’ booms the voice.
Kruddo, Wer and Bodush do a double take. They had seen a giant running from the battle of the Gnome Hamlet, but this giant doesn’t seem to be the same one.
He’s the same size but his bearing is much prouder and he’s wearing a Chain-mail shirt. Mostly though it’s his measured and clearly enunciated voice.
Bodush explains the situation as much as he understands it without giving anything away.
The giant introduces himself as ‘Grimes’ and tells the Sorcerer that his friends have gone to the underground realm of the ‘Derro’ to make a final payment and collect some ‘merchandise’ for him.
Only Kruddo has heard of the ‘Derro’ and he shudders at the mention of them. They are distorted Kin of the Dwarves. Evil and mad, they have survived due to their paranoia and sorcerous powers.
Grimes continues, “If you want to follow them up, I’ll send an escort of two of my warriors to guide you.”
Wer is the first to agree, as she’s eager to get out of this place. She considered changing her form to a hawk but was afraid of Orc crossbow bolts and the fate of Masienta.
It takes a good day to get to the opening of the cave and, on finding no guard or traps, step inside with the two Orcs leading.