Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Wer to be seen

It’s very, early morning when the group of adventures prepare to set off.
They count their number.
Telfis and Thesis are there, as are the non-humans; Durin and Eolar.
Eolar has also acquired a protégé. Elogyn; another cleric of St Cuthbert.
If Eolar can hear the noise of Telfis’ teeth grinding, he ignores it.
Kruddo still hasn’t caught up to them despite weeks of searching.
Mendez had said his goodbyes and decided to return home on the Sky-ship.
That just leaves Bodush and Wer.
The group search the small Gnome Hamlet for a while, but can find no sign of the Sorcerer or the Halfling Druid.
“Too much time’s been wasted already.” mutters Eolar. “Time we got back to Seawell.”

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