Sunday, April 6, 2008

2426 years, 4 months, 12 days ago - Late afternoon

Grumble Starseeker, high artificier of the Exile Experimental Astronomy guild was having a good day. Not only had his eager apprentices outdone themselves with their publicity for their special event, and managed to get every single exile in the mountain to brave the outdoors for it, their calculations had actually been spot on. Grumble made a note to reward the new cognifier operating assistant, she had actually managed to predict a full solar eclipse to the closest second. Very impressive indeed.

Also, the rest of the team should be rewarded for their wonderfully aggressive flyposting campaign. He could hear the hushed excitement in the voices of his fellow gnomes as they saw the light return to the world as the sun came out from the disc of the moon, the spring heat returning with it.

Grumble took a look back at the normally smug artificiers from the G M-C-o-o-D I group, nodding to themselves, obviously impressed. For once, their crazy clockwork men and remote controlled owlbears weren't getting all the attention. Their rivals in the G N-M-C-o-o-D I group seemed equally impressed.

No wonder, after all, could a hamster picking up your slippers and bringing you a pipe ever be a match for the glories of the firmament, no matter how well trained? Grumble took a final look at the crowd, savouring the admiration from the assembled, technicians, administrators, janitors, scientists, security systems operators and fellow astronomers, before he made his way back to the entrance, with what he hoped was a suitably regal gesture.

With some disapproval, he noticed a look of hesitation on the faces of some of the lower-class gnomes, particularly amongst the security system operators, as he solemnly made his way back to the columns, to shouts of what assumed must be adulation from the crowd.

Grumble Starseeker was hit by 3 arcs of electricity simultaneously. The crowd gasped in horror as his charred remains slumped down, leaving only a trail of smoke rising up to the clear blue sky.

How were they going to get back in now?


Hedzor said...

Maybe we should have searched Mount Snafu a 'bit' more and left the Elves to their own devices.

RoboGeek said...

Whoa! I am really going to miss this campaign! What a title for a post, what a fertile imagination.

PS - Mount Snafu - lol!