Friday, April 25, 2008

Ozul and Toalden

Elogyn felt the hit against her shoulder, grabbed her mace and quickly turned round to land a hit on whoever attacked her. She could see a ugly face, felt her mace coming down hard on the creature in front to her and suddenly the room was filled with light. She looked around where it came from, but it seemed to be just there. The troll in front of her also ignored her. She tried to hit him again, but the mace went straight through! She shouted over to Eolar to find out what to do but he just had a shocked face and didn't seem to hear her over the noise of the battle.
She made a few steps back, picked up her crossbow and fired, just to see that the bolt bounced off the stalactite behind the troll. He appeared to be see-through and weapons couldn't harm him it seems. She turned round just to see Telfis standing in front of her with his crossbow aimed directly at her! The bolt left the crossbow and Elogyn, absolutely shocked by that, tried to dodge it. Without success! Interestingly she couldn't feel the pain as the bolt went into her chest. She looked down and to her amazement couldn't see a wound! Confused, she saw the troll collapse behind her. Did Telfis just shoot through her??
And then the laughter started. She looked up and saw two people standing a few feet away who looked like paladins. They were lucent and the rest of the party didn't seem to notice them. They also didn't seem to notice her as Thesis just tried to run her over!! She looked at the paladins again as one of them started to speak: "It's a strange feeling, isn't it! Are you a first-timer?". Elogyn was totally puzzled now "What do you mean? And who are you??". "Forgive me, we didn't introduce ourself properly! I'm Ozul of Alan-Gareth and this is my friend Toalden from Egoralgat. We are paladins in ordinary of the Church of Shon. And who are you if I may ask?". "Elogyn, cleric of St.Cuthbert and protege of Eolar, member of the council in Seawell. What are you doing here?". With a smile on his face and pointing past Elogyn he asked "Is Eolar the fellow over there?".
Elogyn turned round and just as she wanted to confirm the question, she noticed the body lying on the ground. It looked suspiciously like her body!! Eolar was kneeling next to it concentrating on a scroll, while the others tried to drag him away. The voices sounded quite muffled. The dwarf was just about to pick up her....body.
"Nice party you've joined there! So.....divers!". Elogyn looked from the paladins back to the others. Just now she noticed that her body....the body she was in right now...also had the glowing aura around it that the paladins had. "What....what...what happened???". "You bravely took on a troll that was a lot bigger than you and made a quick step to the celestial plane!" Ozul said and Toalden couldn't hide the sniggering. "Step to the celestial plane?? You mean, I'm..." "dead!" offered Toalden and burst out in laughter. "Took you quite a while to realize!!".
Elogyn looked around. This would explain why everything was filled with light and she didn't feel that good for....ever? She looked helplessly at the two paladins who smiled at her "It can be quite confusing if you are here the first time. Come on, we'll show you around!". "But I can't! I have to go back! Eolar counts on me!!". "Don't you worry, I have the feeling you'll be back soon if I read the words on the scroll correctly. It still gives us enough time to introduce you to some friends. Time is relative here!".


TieDye said...

=D Tosser paladins who laugh at the recently deceased...classic! It makes sense, however, given the frequency with which people die and come back to life in a D&D setting.
If you depict them again, describe how they have angel's wings that are in the middle of molting - it adds to the "we're-technically-good-only-because-it's-a-job-requirement" image!

Hedzor said...

This feels horribly like foreshadowing...
Got an idea for an adventure?

Joebroesel said...

I always have ideas ;-)
Elogyns story is going to continue for a while as I have great ideas what happens to her in the celestial realm :D
Shame that I got her back so fast!! Good that time is relative up there ;-)

Joebroesel said...

And TieDye, you are absolutely right. Ozul and Toaden are checking into the celestial plane quite regularly. When asked they always say they are just on a journey through!
And if your friends take some time to raise you again, you can always answer some summoning calls in the meantime and fight for a 1st level cleric as a celestial badger or giant fire beetle to have a bit of fun! :D

Hedzor said...

'Ozul and Toalden are dead.'
An absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy by Sven Magg.