Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Fourth Voyage of Mendez

Mendez, guilt ridden for causing the death of one of the Hamsters, resumes his journey directly home. Unfortunately the Sky-ship develops a fault and the panicking Hamsters are forced to make an emergency landing on the first available island.
They set down on a beautiful beach and, while repairing the Sky-ship; they are approached by a group of semi-naked Human natives.
They seem friendly and offer the hamsters fruits and herbs. The Hamsters are unable to resist, but Mendez suspiciously waves the food away.
Soon it becomes apparent that these ‘herbs’ are drugs that rob the Hamsters of reason. Mendez roars with anger and sets about the savages with his enchanted sword. The dozen or so natives are sorely outmatched and Mendez makes short work of them. Those he doesn’t kill, run off in terror.
Once the Hamsters are themselves again, Mendez posts some guards and sets off to explore the island.
Again, he stumbles into unsafe land.
Tumbling through soft earth Mendez finds himself in a burial ground where all the corpses have precious jewels pressed into their eye sockets. With no regard to their dignity, Mendez prizes out these gems, scrambles back out of the hole and races back to the Sky-ship.
Some of the Hamsters have gathered food and water and once the repairs are finished, they’re soon sailing above the clouds again.


Insanodag said...

Ha-ha! An overlap between Sinbad and the Odyssey! I wonder if those gems are cursed in any way.

Hedzor said...

Actually, from what I can see; Sinbad is a complete rip-off of the Odyssey.
I think it's disgraceful to copy someone else's work!