Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Second Voyage of Mendez

After a few more days airbourne, Mendez spots a tiny island ‘sparkling’ below and orders the Hamsters to set down.
He takes a few of the Hamster crew with him to find out what it was that shone so.
Unfortunately the ground is treacherous and they tumble down into an inaccessible valley carpeted with diamonds!
Mendez instructs his crewmates to gather up as many as they can carry when a giant snake slithers into view.
Drawing his sword, Mendez prepares to give his life in defence of the harmless Hamsters, when suddenly a gigantic Roc swoops down and kills it.
Thinking fast, Mendez grips onto the carcass and holds on tight as the huge bird carries it out of the valley and back to its nest. As soon as it lands, Mendez rolls out from underneath the snake and runs as fast as he can back to the Sky-ship.
Quickly organising his crew, they float above the valley and lower ropes to their companions.
Once back on the deck the rescued Hamsters shake a fortune of diamonds out of their fur.
Mendez smiles broadly and declares; "Why aren't all days as profitable as this?".

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RoboGeek said...

Loving the Sinbad/Mendez stories!

Was that a Roc?

Will he meet a Cyclops and kill the Gorgon?

Just who will press his shirts while he is away adventuring?

All these questions and more answered in the next exciting episode ....