Monday, April 7, 2008

A new party member

Eolar looked out of the window where the sun slowly set. He was still sitting in the small elven tavern where he spent most of the day talking to Elogyn. They were speaking about the battle and news from other temples Elogyn had visited recently. Their conversation was only interrupted from time to time by the innkeeper, who was visibly exited to have one of the heroes in his tavern and insisted that all drinks are on the house.
They just finished talking about the aftermath of the fight at the old shrine when Elogyn suddenly offered a proposal:

"Oh heroic Eolar, let me follow you and be guided by you. Show me the ways of a great cleric and warrior. Let me travel with you and fight the cause with you!"

Eolar was surprised and felt honoured: "You want me to be your mentor? Are you not currently assigned to one?". It was common for clerics of St.Cuthbert to have a mentor, but Elogyns skills and clerical knowledge almost match his own. On the other hand, Elogyn was still of lower rank and therefore he would be entitled to mentor her. Elogyn, who could sense his hesitation continued "My old mentor was a scholar and because of his age was unable to travel. Whenever the head of our local church needed a messenger I applied for the job to get out of the library. After a while my mentor was reassigned to a new acolyte as I hardly was in anymore. I'm without mentor since and struggle to handle the world outside the church walls! To travel with such an experienced cleric like you would be a great learning experience for me and I would feel honoured!"

While she was talking, Eolar thought about the prospect of traveling with a fellow cleric. Finally he would be amongst somebody who shares the same faith. He hadn't been a residental cleric for a long time and it would be good to refresh some of his ritual and ceremonial knowledge which Elogyn seem to know a lot about. She would learn how to survive outside of cities how to deal with other races and creatures.

The innkeeper suddenly looked towards the door where a huge wolf entered the room. Some of the guests slowly vanished behind bits of furniture in their vicinity and all remaining eyes were focused on the door. An elven women followed the beast and looked around. To Elogyns surprise Eolar waved a hand to signal the newcomer. Shen-Shen came over followed by the wolf which sat down as soon as they reached the table.
After a disapproving look on Elogyn, Shen-Shen sat on the last remaining chair and turned towards Eolar. You said you need time to think! Did you decide? I just heard of another group of adventurers leaving the outpost today and I have an offer to join them!"
Eolar looked at Elogyn who was visibly scared by the wolf sitting next to her and smiled "Yes, I made my decision! You might remember my friend Elogyn here who came to the temple this morning? She is going to be my new protege and will join our group. So I won't need your services now. You are free to join the other group."

Elogyn gave him a surprised look which soon changed into a delighted one. She bowed her head and immediately continued watching the wolf next to her who didn't seem to take notice of her.
"Very well! If you think faith and prayer are more helpful in the wild than swords and a wolf...!" Shen-Shen got up , faced Eolar and bowed. "May your god protect you!", "He will! May St.Cuthbert also protect you on your journey! Godspeed!".
She turned round and left the tavern to the relief of most of the guests who didn't seem to feel comfortable in the presence of a wolf.

Eolar sat down and turned to Elogyn again "Well then, we better get going. We first have to inform the authorities of our decision and ask their approval. I saw another fellow cleric who is going to leave for Seawell tomorrow. I will give him a letter for the bishop. And then I have to introduce you to my companions!". He looked at her "....and we have to get you ready for adventuring!"


Hedzor said...

Nice introduction.
I hope she survives my next adventure.
I also liked Shen-shen's sarcasm. You got her exactly right.
Was that other Cleric 'Brother Fry'?

Joebroesel said...

Yes, but as Moritz didn't introduce him I didn't bother to include him in the story :)

Joebroesel said...

Would be a problem anyway as he apparently was sent bu the church to "guide" me. As I'm very lawful I couldn't disobey a church order and would have to take him! So better we miss each other ;-)

Hedzor said...

That Lawfulness may prove to be a problem in the near future...

Joebroesel said...

Lawfulness is never a problem! ;-)
Laws always make sense and have to be obeyed!
Chaotic behaviour only leads to the breakdown of society!


Hedzor said...

The Law's like Meldo...

An Ass.