Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sorry; still no level ups.

Thesis: 26,581 xp (7th Level: Fighter:6/Cleric:1)
Eolar: 24,930 xp (7th Level: Ranger:2/Cleric:5)
Telfis: 24,500xp (7th Level Rogue:5/Bard:2)
Durin: 19,793 xp (6th Level: Barbarian:6)
Elogyn: 11,411 xp (5th Level: Cleric:5)

Kruddo: 11,973 xp (5th Level: Fighter:5)
Mendez: 27,402 xp (7th Level: Ranger:3/Barbarian:2/Fighter:2)
Bodush: 22,441 xp (7th Level: Sorcerer:7)
Wer: 21,470 xp (7th Level: Druid:7)

Think this is right now... I'm a tiny bit drunk.


Joebroesel said...

How did you calculate Elogyns experience? I tried to calculate it myself but came to a different result :)

The rules say Elogyn doesn't count as group member when calculating xp-points and gets 5/7th of what I get.
If I calculated correctly, I got 1762 points for yesterday which means that Elogyn should have gotten 1259.

Insanodag said...

oooh...question the DM's authority are we? Scary stuff...

Joebroesel said...

I actually just thought about my fellow travel companions!! If the DM divided XP by party members and added Elogyn to that number, then everybody else would have gotten less than they should have :)

So I risk my own life and health to question the gods for the greater good of the party! :)

Hedzor said...

I thought underlings just got half basic experience and no bonuses?
I'll check now Lord Eolar.