Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The First Voyage of Mendez

After making a small fortune through adventuring, Mendez heads for home on the magnificent sky-ship to seek his Father’s forgiveness.
Unfortunately the ship lands on what appears to be an island, but instead proves to be a gigantic sea monster on which trees have taken root. On being disturbed, the creature dives into the depths, forcing the sky-ship to depart without Mendez.
Good fortune comes to his aid in the form of a passing barrel. Mendez survives for days thanks to his amazing endurance.
Eventually, he is washed ashore and is discovered by the ruling family. Mendez regales them with stories of his exploits and just a few days later the Hampsters rediscover him. Mendez is able to reclaim his cargo of precious gems and the ruling Lord’s daughter gives him a gift of a ‘kiss’ and a fine piece of jewellery before he leaves.

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