Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quantum Discharge

In the elven outpost the battle rages relentlessly. The various elven commanders are deploying their archers as best as they can but the sheer numbers of the attacking host seem overwhelming. Nariel slumps down next to a bucket of water that water runners have placed at certain intervals to allow the fighters to refresh themselves during the battle. The dragon is still spewing acid at the barricades and Nariel is not very optimistic about how much longer they will hold. He does not really believe that they will be overrun. But surely Elves will die and that is always a sad event. He sits there broodingly drinking his water when, in the corner of his eye, he notices one of the human visitors that were caught within the outpost when the enemy army attacked slowly walking over to him. Normally he would not pay him any attention but the man looks strange. He looks old and somewhat disheveled and his eyes are very strange indeed. He has a vacant stare, as if he were sleeping with his eyes open.
The old man reaches Nariel, and, with considerable aplomb in the midst of battle, he starts to speak. He speaks in a hoarse but surprisingly melodic voice. And what he says is this:

A moment's time, my unknown friend
for there's a story to amend
of one unmentioned but well-known
and crucial too, as will be shown

The old man falters shortly, seeming momentarily lost. He looks at the sweating and bloodstained Nariel but then continues as if he had never stopped.

though I see you're quite distracted
there's a reason why I acted
the reason being, I predict
you'll get your elven asses kicked

ah! -
He holds up a stalling hand when Nariel shoots him an angry glance at this outrageous statement.
no longer sullen, pensive!
He waggles his index finger in reprimand.
no time to get defensive

you must know that help is near
an airborne ghost but do not fear

if you see such apparition
don't give in to superstition
just goggle skywards, be so bold
out of the mist, lo and behold

the missing member of the crew
with pristine shirt, but not a clue
white grin brighter than big dipper
Mendez: playboy, starship skipper

The old man smiles, immensely pleased with himself. Then, suddenly and without warning he collapses like a puppet that has its strings cut. Nariel stands transfixed in bewilderment. He looks at the old man on the ground. The back of the old man's head is completely smashed. Blood and brain tissue slowly seep out of a gaping hole. Nariel, still in silent stupefaction, shakes his head. And turns his gaze towards the barricade. And upwards. On the horizon he sees a tiny speck of black. And another one. More dragons? No. It does not look like dragons. Starship skipper...


Cynan said...

sorry. i do apologise. i think i'm loosing it =)

Hedzor said...

I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or insulted?
Still; I like 'playboy, starship skipper' and it's nice to have my clean teeth and immaculate dress sense noticed.

Cynan said...

of course you should feel flattered. at least the idea was to give you one verse because you were missing in the last one. i just got a bit distracted in the process... and for that, i did apologize.

Hedzor said...

Actually, you summed Mendez up pretty well.

RoboGeek said...

Fitting tribute to our captain fantastic!

"with pristine shirt, but not a clue"

you funny man!