Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thoughts of a Mule

It felt quite nice without all the stuff on the back. Everything was so .... light. But now the two-legged creatures were gone and with them the one who always guided him to the nice places that had tasty chewable stuff on the ground, Meldo felt a bit bored. It was quite dark since the others left because they took the glowing thing with them.
It was actually really dark! He was standing around for a while and waited for them to come back. Staring into the dark was boring.
Due to an absence of other distractions, Meldo started to smell around. He followed a scent a few steps and ran into a wall. After cursing for a while (i-aaaa, i-a, i-aaa) he concentrated on the smell again. It smelled wet, mouldy and boring. He looked around again. Still dark.
He turned a bit and slowly walked a few steps again. No wall. Another few steps. No wall but his hooves got wet. Another smell. Smelled like water, but with a strange side-smell to it. He remembered the other creature that was there. Shiny black and white colors to show off. He didn't like it! Grey was still his favourite colour. But the creature was gone. It was a bit behind the shaky thing they used to get over the lake. It was there for a while and then..... Meldo took a few, rather fast, steps backwards. Could explain the smell.
He turned again and took a few careful steps forward. There were a few things on the ground. He knew, because he stepped on them. He tried to eat one of them...wood! Buargh! Ah, another one...stone. Ouch! Nothing tasty! He smelled at every thing he stepped on...another wood, stone, stone....ouch! His head hurt!
He didn't like to be dragged around all the time by these two-legged ones (although he liked the one that he knew for ever. He always knew where the tasty stuff was!) but this was boring. He didn't like boring!
Another few steps, very, very careful this time. He stepped into something bigger. He smelled at it! It smelled like... like.... him?? He pushed his nose into it and it really smelled like him! An lots of other things. He tried to bite into it. Didn't taste good and was too leathery. But somewhere inside it smelled good.
After a few hours of trying, pushing, prodding and pulling, a few things rolled away. He followed them (because they smelled good) and bit into them.
Ah, finally!! The two-legged one was hiding tasty stuff for him! For hours, he chewed on one after the other! He felt quite good and the darkness was suddenly bearable.

(The party won't find Kruddo's 9 rations anymore and Eolar has to sort the stuff in the saddlebags again)


Hedzor said...

I was curious if you'd let poor Meldo starve.
When did you remember you'd left him no food?

Joebroesel said...

I thought about it immediately, therefore the question on how long we are going to be away from him :)

I have lots of rations in the saddlebags which should last a few days even for Meldo. I was just lucky he found Kruddos first :D
Looking at the food spell which creates 15 daily portions for humans or 5 for horses, with the 9 portions from Kruddo, Meldo should survive 3 days. And there are another 10 in the other bag.

Joebroesel said...

And I like the look of Meldos face in the banner :) You can almost see all the thought processes in his head....

Hedzor said...

It just occurred to me that a 'certain' magic item available might make Meldo a more interactive member of the team.