Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cavern of Watery Doom

The Orc’s laughter rings in Bodush’s ears. He represses the urge to blast them to bits and instead turns towards the darkness.
Kruddo is obviously in his element here, but Wer and her dog look nervous.
Budush doesn’t have any spells to illuminate the darkness, but plenty of oil.
This is fortunate, as Wer appears to have none.
As Bodush can only guess how long they’re going to have to stay underground he decides to ration the supply.
Figuring he has enough oil to light his lantern for about twenty-four hours, he allows the smug dwarf to lead them, but counts more on his familiar.
Bodush is impressed with this clever little fellow. Even he was startled when the tiny viper first whispered in his ear.
Letting it scout slightly ahead, it uses its abilities to scent for danger.
Gajarpan is happy enough in the darkness and finds the abundant insect life quite nutritious.
Bodush curses though as 'only' he bangs his head on the low hanging rocks.
“Sorry!” mumbles Kruddo. “I forgot you’re a stringbean.”
Bodush curses again as he hears Wer chuckling in the darkness.
They walk for hours. Maybe a day, it’s hard to tell the passing of time down here.
The adventures rest for a while and Bodush uses up four hours of oil during his watch.
Another ‘day’ passes and they rest again.
Despite posting guards at ‘night’, nothing happens.
Wer is concerned that they are losing ground on their friends.
About halfway through the third ‘day’, Kruddo whispers for everyone to halt.
Bodush lights his lantern and gazes into an enormous open cavern.
It’s truly vast and after a brief ‘shore’ it is completely filled with water.
It has a shore of ‘sand’ for about twenty feet and then stretches out into watery darkness.
Bodush holds his lantern out but the light fails to penitrate far into the darkness.
Even Kruddo can’t see to the other bank.
The water is ice cold and deathly still.

If you want to go forward, you have to get over this underground lake.
How are you going to do it?

Kruddo, Bodush, Wer and Masienta have used up all their rations the Gnomes gave them. If you didn’t have any extra, you are all a little nervous.

Bodush has used up nine hours of oil.



Insanodag said...

Bodush looks around, obviously the time has come for his new powers to come into their own. Lighting his lantern, he casts a flying spell on himself, and soars across the dark waters, hoping that the other side is less than 3 miles away.

Hedzor said...

But are you just going to leave Kruddo, Wer and her dog on the other side?

Insanodag said...

I am scouting! I would never leave my trusted behind!

Hedzor said...

Bodush summons up the power from within him and rises into the air. With his lantern held in front like a shield, he slowly floats over the water.
The cavern is about 400 feet from end to end, including the 20 feet of ‘sand’ at either bank.
The water gives him a chill and at one point, Bodush is sure he sees a shape just below the surface.
He’s just about to the other side when he stops and floats five or six feet above the water.
What is that on the far shore?
Edging slowly closer, Bodush is both relieved and annoyed to see Eolar’s stupid Mule, Meldo.
It seems to have been abandoned in the darkness and either shed its load or trampled all over it.
Frustratingly, there is also a large barge moored here.
After confirming the safety of the far bank, Bodush returns to the others.
He empowers Kruddo with the gift of flight and instructs him to carry the dog over.
Masienta looks nervous but allows the Dwarf to ferry him across.
As Bodush is about to fly off after them, he looks down to Wer.
“Don’t tell me you need help as well?!”

(Two fly spells used up.)