Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For those left behind

Bodush wakes with a start and instantly wishes he hadn’t.
The Devil’s brew is going to be the death of him. Maybe he should start experimenting with other forms of narcotic?
He gathers his clothes and wanders out of his billet half naked. It’s noon and his ‘friends’ and more importantly; the captured loot, are gone!
Shouting out their names, Bodush wanders from one Gnome abode to the next until eventually, Wer pops her head out of a window.
“What’s up stringbean?”
They both are having a hearty breakfast courtesy of the Gnomes when Kruddo walks into sight. He joins them for some food, but doesn’t get time to relax before all three of them are given a weeks supply of rations and they set off in pursuit.
Masienta proves her usefulness as she tracks the others at a reasonable speed.
After a few days, they get back to the valley of the Owlbear.
A tiny movement high up on the mountain catches Wer’s eye. What is that? People?
A sudden flash of bright red and white confirms her suspicions. “That’s Eolar up there. What’s the silly fool doing now?”
Just then they come within sight of a huge wall. It’s been made at the point of a natural narrowing of the valley. It’s crude but effective. Standing over 20’ high and made from thick tree trunks and boulders.
It would be relatively easy to climb over but you can see that it’s guarded by six Orcs. They shout when they see you; “Halt! Friend or Foe?”

What are you going to do?


Insanodag said...

Bodush considers the possibility of blasting the orcs with a handy spell. Unfortunately, pleasant thoughts of orc flesh seared beyond recognition and the sounds of the anguished howls of orcs in agony, are put aside as Bodush realises that there might be too many orcs to fight on the other side of the wall. Besides, they need directions.

Puffing up his chest, he growls in orcish. We are travellers, mercenaries, looking for our companions. Two humans, a dwarf and a (Bodush takes time to spit contemptuosly on the ground) half-elf. You haven't happened to see them have you?.

Bodush looks at the orcs, his mind racing through the incantations needed for his destructive spells, waiting to see if they are needed.

Hedzor said...

The Orcs reply; "Er yes, but are you friend or foe?"

(For the sake of expedience, whoever responds first, acts for the three (plus dog) of you.)