Monday, April 21, 2008

I Attack the Darkness

The cave mouth is large and the floor even. It leads slightly downward and curves around, following paths of innate weakness in the stone structure.
It is pitch black however. Kruddo the Dwarf can see fine but Wer and Bodush are effectively blind.
The Orcs snigger at you as you fumble in the darkness.
“Good luck.” They chuckle and they turn to leave.

What do you do?
You’ve been travelling three days now. The Gnomes gave you five rations when you left but Grimes the giant gave you nothing.
How are you going to see? You will be underground for many days.

Bodush also realises that 'Grimes' didn't remove his helmet during their conversation.

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Insanodag said...

'Watch out! There is a slightly sloping passage of medium dense rock suitable for a lightly equipped mining team with little interest in high-yield ventures ahead!'

Bodush considers their situation. While Kruddo can see, he doesn't particularly trust the dwarf to give very good directions. Obviously, the dwarf will spend most of his time trying to translate the rather obscure dwarven vocabulary in existence for the variety of underground rock formation, passages, and mine shafts, and so any warning will most likely be too late.

Checking his backpack, he realises that he only has enough oil for 24 hours of continous light. This might be a bit problematic...

Bodush engages in his most common activity, that of cursing under his breath. It is as satisfying as always, but unfortunately it still doesn't solve any of his problems.

Then, there is a slight increase of pressure on his arm as Gajarpan tries to attract his attention.

The snake turns its scaly head to him and points out that it has no problems with slithering ahead and giving a running commentary on the state of the cave. And so Bodush presses on, using his oil sparingly only in areas that are too diffcult for the snake's guidance to lead him.