Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revoltingly Soft

After a whispered conversation, Bodush 'volunteers' Kruddo to knock on the door.
He then, followed by Wer and her dog Masienta, steps back about twenty feet.
Sighing deeply, Kruddo pulls back and releases the huge brass door knocker. Everyone is surprised by the noise it makes. Rather than the loud booming expected, it chimes like a gong.
They all wait expectantly….
Nothing happens.
Kruddo knocks/chimes again and listens for any activity behind the door…
They start to feel impatient when Kruddo waves them to be silent.
Something is coming.
A sound of scrabbling comes from the other side of the door, the small hatch flies open and a face appears pressed up to the high hatch.
It is wild and weird looking.
Kruddo has to step back a little to see the creatures face, and when he does he shudders in revulsion. Derro’s. A race that brings nothing but shame to their Dwarven cousins.
“Eh! What do youuu want now?”
The wild haired, pale skinned creature looks at you with it’s bulging, pupiless eyes.
Kruddo demands entrance, and again Bodush is surprised by the creatures compliance.
“Step back from the door and I’ll open it.”
Kruddo backs away from the door and stands with his team-mates.
With an obvious click, Bodush, Kruddo, Wer and Masienta feel the floor drop from under them. They try to leap clear but the distance is too far and they all tumble down.
They fall about thirty feet but are fortunately saved from serious harm by a softish landing.
Revoltingly though, the soft landing is provided by a dozen or so corpses of giant caterpillar-like creatures.
Springing to her feet, Wer is just about to change form and fly back up when, with the sound of laughter echoing through the corridor, the floor above them reseals itself.
Dusting himself down, Kruddo takes in their new situation.
They seem to be in another tunnel, about the same size and direction as the one above but natural rather than worked.
There are several tunnels leading of from here that you can use.
But you can hear voices coming from ahead. It’s coming from one of two tunnels.
Wer, eager to get away from the others volunteers to take Masienta down one while Bodush and Kruddo try the other.

Kruddo, Bodush, Wer and Masienta all take 8 points of damage from the fall.
No one has cast any spells or used any special abilities today.

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