Tuesday, July 29, 2008


For months Boscorm, the ex Mayor of Seawell awaited execution. Every legal trick and tactic was exploited, but the now dead Pirate Erqua had made a convincing witness. Boscorm was exposed as a villain. A heartless and cruel villain. He had used the wealth he’d acquired through evil schemes to buy the Mayorship and to give the pretence of nobility.
Despite his protestations of innocence and his curses to all and sundry, he was killed.
It happened quite recently and his body was hung in chains, displayed in the centre of the prison.
There it festered.
It festered until something happened far above. Sorcery. Necromancy.
A powerful Wizard had been using wild and deathly magic and some of it had leaked down to the lowest levels of the city.
No one knew how it happened, but somehow Boscorm had come back. His decomposing corpse animated by the Baron’s foul magic and Boscorm's undying hatred.
Now he would have his revenge.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Skeletal Banner

A new banner that made me think:
How can a team of Clerics struggle against skeletons?


Here for the XP, I will write a short thing as soon as I have a bit more time...

Chen Yong: 10,886 xp (5th Level LVLUP!)

Kruddo: 17,668 xp (6th Level)

Wer: 32,200xp (8th Level)

Eolar: 36,915 xp (9th Level LVLUP!)

Elogyn: 15,152 xp (6th Level LVLUP!)

Telfis: 33,335xp (8th Level)

Bodush: 34,526 xp (8th Level)

Durin: 27,105 xp (7th Level)

Thesis: 30,593 xp (8th Level)

Mendez: 38,599 xp (9th Level)

Treasure-wise... yeah well .... there is the library of the evil sorcerer Rupert... but not much else... Rupert got eaten by the ground, and the gnomish crazy fallen druid thing ran away to visit the derros ... maybe if you are nice with the insurgence you could get Rupert's palace as a little summer house .... :s

Friday, July 25, 2008


Eolar and Elogyn walk back to the church. It is late in the night, but there are hundreds of people in the streets trying to get to the palace, hunt down palace guards or just use the confusion in the streets to loot as much as they can. The clerics try to make their way as fast as possible but have to stop now and then to help shop owners defend their property. The insignia of St.Cuthbert are often enough to solve the problem without fight and make the thiefs run. The can only see chaos in most parts of the city.
After arriving safely at the church portal they see Chen who followed them and invite him in. Eolar is concerned about the well-being of his students and leaves Elogyn and Chen near the refectory.

On the way to the student's quarters, he runs into a worried Leofwen who brightens up as soon as she recognises Eolar. "You are alive! We thought you are all dead!" "No, we are all fine. Where are the others, is everybody ok?" "Yes, we left as soon as the fights started. The whole city went mad suddenly. We didn't know what to do!!" You made the right decision. Now go and tell the others to get some sleep. I guess it's getting interesting tomorrow" "We got orders from the high priest to stay within the church walls until further notice! What is happening out there?" "Chaos! I'm on my way to the high priest to report back, I can tell you more tomorrow"

Eolar watches Leofwen walk back. The thiefs guild overthrowing the city council to install a democratic system....they next days promise to be interesting. He has to talk to the high priest to get the churches position on that. Just as he turns round, he can see a clerk of the high priest running towards him. "Brother Eolar, brother Eolar, the high priest wants to see you immediately!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The chance to do good...?

In a trance-like meditative state, Chen comtemplates the evening to come... Rescuing a damsel in distress - this is more like the heroism he read about back at the monastery! At first he was hesitant in agreeing to undertake this task: How did they know that the girl really wanted to leave?! The strange little... man(?)... that told them the original story certainly did not appear entirely trustworthy...

Eventually, though, it seemed that the girl was indeed being held against her will - likely through means magical which would make her appear happy. Saving her would be hard - very hard - but restoring her faculties and returning her to her true family would be worth it in the end.

Perhaps this would be a new start for his friends also. They may be mercenaries for the most part, but surely they also have it in them to be heroes...?

Attending a regal Ball would also be an exciting new experience for himself, but he'd be sure not to allow the inevitable decadence of such an event to undermine his moralistic teachings...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Team Eolar - Immortalized

All hail Team Eolar - deserving a banner to themselves ... well there isn't room for the rest of us ;P