Monday, July 28, 2008


Here for the XP, I will write a short thing as soon as I have a bit more time...

Chen Yong: 10,886 xp (5th Level LVLUP!)

Kruddo: 17,668 xp (6th Level)

Wer: 32,200xp (8th Level)

Eolar: 36,915 xp (9th Level LVLUP!)

Elogyn: 15,152 xp (6th Level LVLUP!)

Telfis: 33,335xp (8th Level)

Bodush: 34,526 xp (8th Level)

Durin: 27,105 xp (7th Level)

Thesis: 30,593 xp (8th Level)

Mendez: 38,599 xp (9th Level)

Treasure-wise... yeah well .... there is the library of the evil sorcerer Rupert... but not much else... Rupert got eaten by the ground, and the gnomish crazy fallen druid thing ran away to visit the derros ... maybe if you are nice with the insurgence you could get Rupert's palace as a little summer house .... :s


Hedzor said...

Thanks Moritz.
Sorry I missed the second part.

Charlie Stilton said...

Thanks Moritz!
Level up? Let's see what wonders await me at level 5!