Friday, August 31, 2007

A taste of action

Breathing shallow, Takis puts his cultured, and rather elegant ear against the rough hewn wood of the door. "Its occupied. Get ready for action." he whispers to his two companions. Mendez a swarthy, handsome man with an athletic elegance that most people can only dream of, takes the handle of the door, rapier poised in his favoured hand. Elogyn raises her mace and says a silent word of prayer.

The door opens without any resistance and is flung inwards, but the occupants are quite ready, having heard all that unnecessary whispering going on outside. The leader of the gang, who was sat at the room's only table has his sling ready and lets fly. Mendez is hit, but not badly injured. Unfortunately, the two other lizard-faced dog like creatures are waiting by the door and poke their viscous spears at him. One hits his leg, but Mendez is takes it like a man and leaps into the room swinging at the leader.

He misses, but so does Takis. Well, so much for training with the legendary elven archer Framovwen - it seems Takis has much to learn. Elogyn fares better, and soon two of the Kobolds are lying bleeding and dying on the floor.

Little do our heros know though that another Kobold lies in wait around a corner and he also manages to hit and injure the luckless Mendez. Bleeding and defiant Mendez steps over the table in a single bound and swings at the creature with both his weapons. A true swashbuckling performance that Erol Flynn would have been proud of. His rapier cuts through the yapping screaming Kobold and kills him instantly.

With Takis making up for earlier misses by dispatching the last Kobold, the camera pulls back to reveal the carnage and destruction resulting from the very first of our battles with the 3.5e books. There will be more. If I can only get to grips with this "Attacks of Opportunity" thing.