Friday, April 25, 2008

Wide-eyed and Legless

The room the adventurers find themselves in is about 16’ square with six, metal barred cells lining either side. There is a raised central bulwark about 3’ from the back wall that gives a reasonable defensive position to fire arrows or bolts towards the door.
The door is intact, thanks to Telfis, and can be rebolted. The walls are solid stone.
Thesis stares around at the assorted amputees in the room. It disturbs him to see them.
His offer to ‘put them out of their misery’ was more based on his own discomfort than their despair.
The two Orc’s seem in a better mental state than the humans, though despite everything, all five males seem sane.
It’s hard to tell with the woman without a face, as she will not come out of the corner.
When she does occasionally turn around, her eyes stare unblinkingly.
Both Orc’s are missing an arm each, but have taken the small swords off the two dead Derro.
One Human is missing both his legs, another both his arms. One poor soul has had all his limbs removed. His anguish made worse as he seems to be a tough and seasoned veteran.
The young woman is whole aside from her face. You would guess her to be only around seventeen or eighteen.
Even Bodush is troubled by this obvious evil.

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