Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everyone's Experience

Mendez: 25219 xp (7th Level: Ranger:3/Barbarian:2/Fighter:2)
Thesis: 24,556 xp (7th Level: Fighter:6/Cleric:1)
Eolar: 22,915 xp (7th Level: Ranger:2/Cleric:5)
Bodush: 22,441 xp (7th Level: Sorcerer:7)
Telfis: 22,225 xp (7th Level Rogue:5/Bard:2)
Wer: 21,470 xp (7th Level: Druid:7)
Durin: 17,768 xp (6th Level: Barbarian:6)
Kruddo: 11,973 xp (5th Level: Fighter:5)

(I was mostly right.)


Joebroesel said...

You are right about Eolar :)

Cynan said...

telfis is rogue 5/bard 2

the whole bard things turned out to be a folly of youth.

Hedzor said...

Fair enough.
You got a couple of useful spells.
Careful with the filching though.