Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hard won experience

This was a bastard.
CR's depend on lots of things.
I've probably been a bit mean, but no complaining.

Thesis: 13,327 xp (Stays at 5th level)

Eolar: 11,786 xp (At last goes up to 5th level!)

Telfis: 10,796 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Bodush: 10,091 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Wer: 10,041 xp (Goes up to 5th level!)

Kruddo: 8,396 xp (Goes up to 4th level!)

Durin: 7,111 xp (Goes up to 4th level!)

Mendez: 13,742 xp (Is sitting happily at 5th level)

Everyone except Thesis went up a level!
Sorry Thesis.

Please roll all HP increases in front of Assif and email him the revised character sheets.


RoboGeek said...

Never mind - I did go up one level in your adventure - that will do me.

Quite a few of the guys have gone up 2 though - so now lots of 5th level players to worry Dag!

PS - Damn, we could do with Bodush. Reducing to one main combat spell-caster + Eolar is not good!

Insanodag said...

5th level! Playing a spellcaster does become slightly more rewarding once you get spells that actually do things so you don't have to rely on sarcasm to cover your incompetence.

Joebroesel said...

I was waiting to go up for a while, but it doesn't feel as good when everybody does :D