Friday, June 19, 2009

The rewards of righteousness(or experience)

Eolar: Level 12: 77,589 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4) : So close, yet so far away

Elogyn: Level 10: 46,135 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4):New level

Durin: Level 11: 60,044 xp (Barbarian:11): Holding Steady

Wer: Level 12: 67,087xp (Druid:11) :Be afraid, be very level

Bodush: Level 11: 55,981 xp (Sorcerer:10):Stabbing orc dancing girls works!

Thesis: Level 10(12): 54,848 xp (Fighter:9/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)So close

Chen: Level 10: 51,172 xp (Monk:10) Holding still

Mendez: Level 13: 82,455 xp (Ranger:6/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3) Holding still

I wonder what Elogyn actually learned from this?

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RoboGeek said...

Are you kidding?!?!
My maths ain't great but 152XP was all that Thesis needed to go up.
If I was a meta-gamer, I'd go out and kill Lejon and his Sorcerer friend!