Thursday, June 4, 2009

Night Swimming

The small ship sped away from the Furnace coast, its black sails and hull making it almost invisible on a overcast night like this. Its Captain was standing on the aft deck, his eyes still fixed on the small boat that they were leaving behind. Already it was disappearing from view as its crew were making for Febril.

The captain offered up a prayer to the Dark Queen for the crew they were leaving behind. They were volunteers. They knew they would most certainly die, they knew that no ship could wait for them this close to the Furnace Coast, but still they volunteered. He knew they weren't...real people...not like him, but he had to respect their bravery and dedication to their queen.

Looking one final time at the shimmering lights of Febril in the distance, the captain wondered if this city, these humans, would ever understand what was going to happen to them.

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Hedzor said...

Anyone know who's side we're on?
(Mendez likes the dark sailed ship.)