Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heart of Gold

Mendez looks wistfully at the pretty rings. The ring of protection, the ring of anti-venom and the ring of Petty vengeance all seem to be calling out to him but…
His eyes keep flicking to the ring of shocking blows. A finely wrought electrum ring with diamonds spaced evenly all around the band.
Beautiful, although that’s not the reason for Mendez’s indecision.
Yesterday, the oddly unworldly Monk; Chen had come to him. He too had seen this ring and had asked to borrow some gold in order to purchase it.
Seven thousand gold pieces!
To loan him this much would mean the other rings would be beyond his grasp.
With a deep sigh, Mendez retracts his offer for the ring of protection and heads off to find Chen.


Charlie Stilton said...

Whilst I (Scott) am very grateful for the offer I don't think Chen could accept. He thought you had more money, and could not allow to put himself before others. It wouldn't be very monkly of him! I have a feeling that he would probably accept the money - for fear of seeming ungrateful - but would use it to buy the items you wanted for you instead anyway...!

Damn his oriental socialism :-P

I'll think if I want to trade in Murlynd's Spoon as it actually hasn't been used yet!

Hedzor said...

This dual thinking thing is very odd isn't it?
Personally 'I' don't care much for magic but 'Mendez' is very keen on it especially when in jewellery form.

The offer is sincere though. Consider it and let me know either way.

The Murlynd's spoon is a possible life saver and is one of the few magical items that actually suit a Monk.
I'd keep it if I/Mendez were you/Chen.