Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good friend Mendez

Eventually, Chen is able to rejoin his comrades - though he still seems perplexed at the recent upheaval in Seawell. He peruses what the magician's have to offer, with a certain amount of disdain for the materialistic nature of things. Later, he waits until Mendez is alone, and then approaches him.

"Mendez - I am glad to have found you all again. I would talk with you a while... My meditation has been long and troubled, but I feel I have reached understanding. I will admit that, at first, I did feel that our close brush with death in Seawell was mostly your fault - you agreed to take on the job of rescuing the girl on our behalf."

"Eventually, though, I came to realise that you were as much a pawn as were the rest of us. You did not know that the girl had allowed herself to be taken hostage, or that she was part of a greater plot. You could not have known of the sorceror behind the nefarious affair. I should not have doubted that your intention to save the girl was noble, and I would extend to you my most sincere apologies."

"This understanding was reached whilst I was still in Seawell - before we reached these Magician's and their trinkets. I wish you to know that the favour I will now ask of you has not affected my mentality - that you have my genuine apologies should you choose to aid me, or no."

"As you know I have little need of the adornments that other men find so captivating, yet one of the Magician's baubles has caught my eye for it's usefulness. I speak of the Ring of Shocking Blows, which would surely compliment my combative style. Unfortunately, I find myself short - by about half - of the coin they require... I could barter with Murlynd's Spoon, I know, but think this artifact could be a boon for the group at some point. Knowing you to be a man of affluence I had hoped you may be able to help in this matter, with a small loan? I would, of course, pay you back in full as soon as is possible - but in the meantime you may be satisfied to know that you have helped the collective."


Charlie Stilton said...

Kirk - I'm short about 7000GP.
Pretty please?! :-)

Hedzor said...

Mendez is not actually all that rich.
I've just bought two potions from Eolar for 1,500gp.
I've already spent 10,000gp on the Scimitar +3 if I get the ring of protection +2 for 8,000gp I'll only have 1,387gp left. (Plus some jewellery.)
You're welcome to that if it helps you and more if I lose the bid for the ring.
Eolar, Telfis and Bodush all should have a fair amount of gold. Perhaps if they chipped in as well?

Cynan said...

telfis would love to buy stuff himself, unfortunately he is nowhere around. =( he would probably less love to lend money to random monks but fortunately the question does not arise.

Insanodag said...

hmm... I should have enough to lend to Chen.... It's a good thing Bodush does not value money in the slightest, and subscribes to an ethos of personal betterment.

Still, this brings Bodush' wealth(if he buys the items mentioned) down to about 1500 after his fit of generousity.

Hedzor said...

Mendez beams widely and thanks Bodush before running back the the Wizard of the Rings to retract his retraction regarding the Ring of protection.

My starting bid is 8,000gp.

(I can still chip in some gold for Chen if needed.)

Charlie Stilton said...

The generosity of his new friends overwhelms Chen. Mendez would give up his jewellery and now Bodush has also offered to help the monk. Perhaps this band are not all as ruthless and mercenary as they had first appeared at the desecrated orc camp...

As ever, Chen still procrastinates. Always taught to rely on his own Ki - or to use his opponent's strength against him - can he really justify the purchase of a magical item? What would his Sifu have to say? Is it another step towards abandoning his path?

But the ring could well improve his effectiveness in combat. Perhaps he should ask the 'wizards' just how the ring would operate...

Hedzor said...

In Mendez's defence; he's never been party to the slaughter of any Orcs or Goblins.
(Aside from the time he was defending the Elves.)
If you remember correctly, Mendez even avoided the drunken mob/swarm.
Mendez is adventuring for gold, glory and women.
Dangerous combat is to be avoided whenever possible.

Charlie Stilton said...

This is true - how could I forget the way Mendez gloriously chased a lone halfling over the rooftops? ;-)

I'm just kidding. Chen actually likes Mendez a lot - especially considering that he's diametrically opposed to the womanising, gambling, and accumulation!

Hedzor said...

'Womanising, gambling, and accumulation!'
That's a nice summation of Mendez's character.
As for the Halfling...
He had just stolen my sword and purse and even then, when I finally caught him, I didn't kill him!

Charlie Stilton said...

Probably for the best - he may have been 'only a halfling' but he nearly had three of us for breakfast!

Hedzor said...

Was the Halfling a villain?
I thought he was our friend!
Are you maybe mixing up the Halfling and the Gnome?
Damn Mendez's drinking benders!
If he died, who got his 'Shoes-of-magically-outrunning-Mendez'?

Charlie Stilton said...

I thought they were one and the same, but I could be wrong. It was dark, and we were trying to flee from a castle with a doped up princess, so mistakes may have been made!

Alas, we weren't able to kill him. He changed into a bat and flew away - suspiciously back towards the Derro caves I believe...

Hedzor said...

No wonder you were blaming Mendez for the whole fiasco.
Mendez was asked by the Halfling to help save the hoodwinked girl.
Money was offered and the girl apparently pretty so...
The Gnome though was an out and out villain.
Don't worry though. If he fled to the Derro for help, he's probably impaled on a spike outside the main door.
The Derro aren't big on co-operation or trust.