Monday, November 19, 2007

An old friend, and some bad news

Mendez, now fully recovered from his ordeal, is spending time in one of the public clearings in the Elven outpost. He is talking with Eolar and Telfis when he spots an old friend rush into the square heading straight for him.

"Mendez! I tracked you down at last. Thanks be to St. Cuthbert for his guidance!"

Of course Mendez recognizes his friend immediately
"Elogyn! How long has it been? Last time I saw you we were all running from those `fierce' little Kobolds. What a long way we have come since then, old friend!"

Elogyn laughs uncomfortably and unnaturally briefly.

"What is wrong? You are not your cheery self today."

Elogyn looks straight at Eolar for a moment, and then turns back to Mendez.
"I bring bad news. It concerns your friend, Eolar too.
The shrine to our Lord St. Cuthbert at the foot of the Grach el-Bruhn mountains has been sacked. Some say it was desecrated and now evil eminates from that place.
I have to do something and I'm sure Eolar will feel the same, but I was hoping I could rely on some support from you and some of your friends ...
What I would give to have Takis and his bow here as well!"

"Well, what do you say? There might even be a little treasure to be had on the way!"


Hedzor said...

"Elogyn, of course I'll help and I'm sure Eolar and Telfis will as well.
'Evil' you say?
You know me well Elogyn; Death to evil!
When do we leave?"

Hedzor said...

Saying that... Treasure's good.