Friday, November 16, 2007

The Worst Goblin War Camp Ever!

Bailey trudges on. It’s been four days now. He ran out of food yesterday and his stomach is growling in protest.
Despite seeing signs of Goblins, he strides purposefully into the Goblin war camp. Huge sword in hand.
“Food!” he roars at the startled Goblin.
Unfortunately the Goblin is unable to understand his common tongue and a gibbering call to his clan brothers, summons three more Goblins to support him.
Bailey sighs deeply before cleaving the first one in two. Another one is killed before the Goblins realise what’s happening. The remaining two try to run but Bailey slashes one through the shoulder, separating its arm from its torso.
Only one Goblin manages to escape into the trees.
Bailey watches him flee, gazes around and gathers what food he can find.
He also discovers a canvas spread high over the fire with some strange fungus drying on it. Tasting a small portion, a smile spreads across his face.


RoboGeek said...

I really don't like Bailey - a lot!

Hedzor said...

Get me Goblin food.
Chop, chop!

Insanodag said...

Well, at least he shares a taste for Goblin Mushrooms with several of the player characters.