Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Character Information

Hi All,
Hopefully we'll soon be meeting up for the second instalment of 'Catch that Pigeon!'.
Could you all do me a favour and let me know the following:
1) Arrows/Bolts/Stones: How many do each of you have left?
2) Magic: Who's got what? (Including Potions and Scrolls)
3) Spells: Unless told otherwise, what spells do you remember.
4) Can I have Wer's character sheet?
Every thing's ready my end.
You've got some knowledge of what's coming so you should be a little better prepared this time.
If possible can we start a bit earlier?
Say 7pm?


Joebroesel said...

Starting earlier is a good idea. Takes a while to get mules over rivers ;-) Will send you information on spells/potions/stuff tomorrow!

RoboGeek said...

Information for Thesis:
Arrows: 14.
Food: 3 days rations.
Magic: Potion of Shield of Faith +2.
HP remaining: 15 (down 6).
Money: 6sp
Also now has a Blanket and the Purse from the clerics body (held on behalf of everyone!)

RoboGeek said...

BTW - the potion I mentioned was from "Ye Olde Potions Outlet Centre for DMs" - do I get to keep it??

Hedzor said...

The 'ultra-powerful-and-yet-prepared-to-sell-cheap-potions-to-low-level-adventurers-Wizard' packed up his stall after you all left Seawell.
Anything you bought before you left is yours until used, smashed or sold.