Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A warning!

I just wanted to warn you that I'm not as nice as Assif.
Assif feels bad when characters die.
I don't.
Whatever you'll face tomorrow will probably try to kill you.
Play smart and don't assume everyone you'll meet will be weaker than you.
On the positive though, everyone's still low level so starting again won't be that much of an ordeal.
Good luck,


Cynan said...

I have 8 hitpoints, I am not afraid of anything you could throw at us. =)

Hedzor said...

A paladin would have had at least 12!

RoboGeek said...

What, no solitary 1/4 HD goblins and 1/6 HD rats to deal with? That's just fine, we have a halfling druid riding a dog, a sorcerer of deep cunning and malice, a cleric who smites everything in his path, a 1-trick untested fighter and of course an 8HP boy to distract the dragon with.

I laugh in your face oh mighty DM. Just imagine the fun Mendez would have in a 3rd level hell-dungeon with 4 1st level characters by his side. ;-)

Joebroesel said...

With St.Cuthbert looking over us, we will brave the forces of chaos and no harm will come upon us!
I'm with you my brethren!