Monday, October 15, 2007

A Time to Reflect

The rag-tag group of adventurers gather themselves together in the cavernous den of the dead Owl bear. Wer as usual takes herself away from the group and keeps watch while astride her loyal mount.
The equipment in the clerics backpack was mostly destroyed. Only the very hard or very soft goods survived the assault. An incomplete set of ‘Half-plate’ armour, an ornate silver holy symbol of ‘Hexor’, a Morningstar of Masterworks quality, a couple of food rations and a blanket and bedroll. Those and a couple of well protected potions. Telfis also discovered a scroll case few feet away containing three spells: Glyph of Warding, Meld into Stone and Speak to the Dead. The blanket and bedroll is grabbed greedily by Thesis.
The stench inside the cave is truly awful but despite the dark, they manage to find the missing parts of the evil cleric.
Still tethered to the dismembered wrist is a small bag of gems and on a pallid finger, a ring of some value.
More importantly though is the rest of the armour. Though scuffed and torn apart at the straps, it could be fairly easily repaired.
The cleric was a large man. The armour might fit Thesis.
As he looks however, he finds another scroll hidden in the wrist section of the armour. Eolar steps forward to look. Two more Devine spells are displayed: Raise the Dead and Neutralise Poison.
Somehow this makes Eolar more afraid than before. Who exactly are the group chasing the thief?
Outside they go back to the area where the Cleric was killed. The tracks ‘seem’ to double back. The other party appear to have fled from the Owl bear and either headed back to Seawell or gone the long way around the valley. A good chance to catch up to them or possibly overtake?
Bodush checks their supplies. Including the found rations and Eolar and Wer gathering food for themselves, they are down to one day’s supplies plus Wer’s dubious mushrooms. A stretch to two days if they’re prudent.
Should they go on? They were lucky that Eolar and Thesis survived the last encounter.


RoboGeek said...

As tempted as Thesis is to take the shield, he resists. Judging by the cumbersome shape and the lack of freedom of movement of the half-plate, it would seriously curtail Thesis' ability to dodge blows. Of course this is compensated to some extent by the better protection afforded by the steel, but on balance it makes no difference. (AC17 either way!)

RoboGeek said...

Raise dead scroll? Seems like an extra life, but look closely ... the raised PC loses a level!
Scenario: Thesis is killed. Eolar raises him, he now has 2HP and is a 1st level fighter. Not great, but better than nothing if another fight ensues ...

Hedzor said...

Actually, if you get raised before alocating experience, you'd simply end up staying 2nd level.
You would get a chance to reroll your HP increase though.
You may end up the same level but 5 HPs better off!
Can Eolar use the scroll properly though?
Is Eolar going to use the 'Speak with the Dead' scroll on 'Chaplin' the dead priest of Hexor though