Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new member. A new mission.

Bodush, Wer, and Eolar spend a pleasant week in Seawell. They enjoy the free lodgings and food. Bodush especially savouring the soft clean bed.
Mendez leaves the others to go carousing and is often gone for days without being seen.
The others exploit their time by spending some of their gold on new equipment and it’s there they encounter a new face in Seawell. People come and go all the time in this border town, but this oddly garbed Human stands out from the others. Though not particularly tall, the breadth of shoulders is almost freakish. Add to that the assortment of tattoos and piercings, you’d think him a young barbarian. His bearing and armour though mark him out as more refined but just as scary.
You all spot a possible job pined to the shop notice board simultaneously:
The Warrior tears off the notice and strides from the shop.
The three friends glance at each other and hurry after him.
They get to a relatively unstained looking bar.
The Warrior turns to them and glares. Eolar is a fraction taller but only half the weight. They all step back a little.
Before anything can be said however, a portly man wanders out through the front door. He’s backed by two large and aggressive looking thugs.
“Are you here for the job?”
The group nod in unison.
“I’ve already hired another group. Still, they’ve been gone for over four days now. They’re probably dead.”
The man stares at them for a moment.
“If you want it, feel free to take it. The offer stands to whomever returns with my ring and proof of the oily thief’s death.”
He pauses for breath and pulls a handkerchief from his sleeve.
“Five days ago, an adventurer wagered heavily against me in a game of Poker. He bet so large, the only way I could equal the bet was by offering my magic ring. Impossibly he beat me. He took his winnings and left. It was only then that I discovered he had cheated.
My only son went after him. There was a confrontation and my boy was killed.”
Skinner dabs his eyes before continuing.
“He fled into the forest. I sent some of my men after him, but it was too late; he’d escaped. I hired a group of adventures the next day but they’ve failed to return. Catch him and bring back my ring and I will give you the thousand gold pieces.”
Wer considers the problem for a moment. There’s only one real path through the woods and it eventually leads to an Elven outpost. That’s the only place a lone human would be heading. An easy track, even after five days.
“You’ll need at least four of you to go. Are you together?”
Much to the surprise of the others, the warrior says “Yes, they’re with me.”
After Skinner and his men have gone, the warrior turns of the three friends. “My name is Thesis. Can any of you track?”

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