Friday, May 29, 2009

A History of Violence: Part Two

It’s a few days later before Ueshiba speaks again. After the simple meal he had retired to one of the many bedrooms and slept for a day and a half.
Chen was surprised to find him smiling and chatting to the recently arrived Mendez.
“Hello Chen.” Smiles Mendez, “I like your new friend.”
Ueshiba continues to tell Mendez more of the rise and fall of Lord Catidsis.
“As the teacher in this monastery, I was kept alive only due to Catidsis’ begging to the head War-priest. I can only speculate as to why, as his every conversation with me after that was filled with contempt and loathing. I have been a prisoner these last twenty years.
The people of this ‘basin’ were crushed under the god’s wicked heel. They became little more than slaves. The ridiculous black and white war was created just to please their wicked deity.
The foolish priests though, thought Catidsis just a servant in their thrall. They were wrong. Unable to pursue his monastic training, he instead began to study the way of Erythnul. Catidsis learned quickly and was soon given greater responsibilities. After many years, when he felt strong enough, he poisoned all of the War-priests more powerful than he. He then assumed command of those remaining and honoured himself with the title of ‘Lord’.
Years went by and his power grew. He would humiliate everyone he could. His underlings, his staff and the people of the valley.
It was only the recent arrival of the monsters at the fort caused ‘Lord Catidsis’ any concern. Even then he thought them no more than a petty annoyance. Your group however proved his undoing.
I wonder if he was glad when it was finally over?”

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