Monday, May 18, 2009

Kinships and Skyships

The tearful goodbyes are warm and heartfelt. Mendez has never felt closer to his family.
Finally allowing his captive sex slave, Quivira to leave his bedchamber and his Father’s mansion. Unbeknownst to her, Mendez had slipped a small but expensive selection of jewels into her purse. She will have enough to set herself up wherever she chooses to go and quite frankly she'd earned it.
Dressed in a fine new set of clothes, Mendez leads his horse and falcon aboard the Sky-ship.
“Farewell my family. I shall see you all soon.”
As he disappears below deck Mendez considers the last few weeks. Since leaving his friends he has failed to slay a single monster or kill any of the villains that plagued his family. Even stranger, he has made no profit, having given the entire contents of the cave of wonders to his siblings.
Just then Tao comes rushing in. “You forgot this Brother.” And he tosses Mendez a bulging sack.
“What’s this?” Mendez smiles in response.
“It’s the treasure you brought back from your initial trip to the bandit’s cave.
Looking inside, Mendez smile widens. This’ll keep him in brandy for a while.
With a final embrace, Tao leaves the sky-ship and Mendez’s journey to seek his friends begins.
'I wonder how they've got on without me?' he muses.


Insanodag said...

So he left some cash on her dresser? Classy.

Hedzor said...


Charlie Stilton said...

Nothing says "I love you" quite as much as ditching her, disappearing, and hooking back up with your mates again...