Thursday, May 28, 2009

A History of Violence: Part One

The young Acolytes have fled the monastery and Elogyn has made sure the building is secure before the adventurers sit down to assess their situation.
Thesis and Durin are both dead but the rest of the group are in relatively good shape.
All the trained War-priests of Erythnul are dead as is their leader ‘Lord Catidisis’.
The old prisoner ‘Ueshiba’ sits with the survivors and shares in their meal.
“Catidsis wasn’t always an evil man. Once he was a promising student of mine. He was honest and diligent, never complaining of his chores or training. I hoped that one day he would take my place.”
Chen listens intently. Despite the battle and the tragic loses, he has never felt more at home. The old man reminds him greatly of his own Sensei.
“Two decades ago the fort of the clerics of Wee Jas was attacked and overwhelmed by the War-priests of Erythnul. They lost quickly despite the protection the fort afforded them. Regardless of their Harpies and Giant Eagles, they were soft, flabby and unprepared.
On request from the villagers I sent a small group of my Monks to assess the situation and to offer warning that the villagers were under our protection. There were a few minor skirmishes, but they found us to be resolute and well disciplined. Any battle would cost them dear.”
Ueshiba looks down for a moment before continuing.
“Somehow, months later, they managed to kidnap Brother Catidsis. Using foul magic they twisted his mind. Even with his training, he was unable to resist. He swore that he would serve both the clerics and their chaotic god.
Using the secret tunnels that link the mountaintop fort to the monastery, Catidsis smuggled the demonic Basilisk into the great hall. This time it was us who were ill prepared. Our tradition of dealing with our enemies face to face cost us our greatest martial artists. Dozens of us were turned to stone and those that remained were quickly overwhelmed by the forces of Erythnul.”
The long bearded, bald headed monk looks up from his bowl.
“Nice porridge.”


Charlie Stilton said...

Hold on!
..."the secret tunnels that link the mountaintop fort to the monastery..."
How did we miss these, exactly?! Where's a good rogue when you need one?!

Chen is quietly pleased that someone else finally appreciates a modest meal.

He meditates with Ueshiba. They share each other's philosophies and tales about their respective monasteries. He is clearly saddened to leave...

He also plants some of the acorns that he gathered from the tree he sprouted at the mountain top fort - an eventual reminder to the villagers that the fort is there to protect them once more.

Hedzor said...

Yes, the party is really missing full blooded Elves or well trained Rogues.
The secret tunnel was a reminder of the past. The Monks and Clerics of Wee Jas had an arrangement of mutual co-operation.
The Clerics of Wee Jas were Lawful Evil.
The Monks of the temple were Lawful Neutral.
Both however were non interventionist in regard to the villagers.
The tunnel was blocked by a cave in several years ago but can still be cleared if desired.